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  1. ...because the current one is kinda very little. Considering we can't sell exp items so it won't lead us to any financial profit. 50 coins for almost a month of constant voting means it takes us many month of blind grinding till we can buy one piece from the shop. [For example, Not to trying to play the cry kid but I always wanted to buy a tag because yk, it looks cool and why not, because we can't trade it, it's our own only, but it costs 900 ac?? That means 17-18 month of grinding for only one item. And it's not even the most expensive thing? Not getting anything else at all while saving up for one piece. One and half year. And I know we sometimes gets generous ac gifts in the mail if something broke off for a longer period of time, but that's not a guaranteed to happen.] We were already ripped off by scrapping our vote rewards xp bottles to half and not being able to trade them, it'd be good if something would get better instead of going steps back Please
  2. I don't want to back to the middle age and give up something automatic in 2021 for the sake of getting something that works only by my labor work. Please go ahead and not back. People who works irl don't have all day to do manual labor in front of their pc.
  3. I don't think rarity is what people are curious about their pets in the daily basic, having their experience level beside the rarity index would be more useful to see about the pets.
  4. I'll begging for this change but with 75% of pet food worth to exchange, I mean don't forget your labor work in walk of how many command it requires you to manually add and wait and add and wait and etc
  5. Yes It takes forever to do all 8 with the cooldown times
  6. Since we can't rotate floorings it will suit only a very few user and room settings but would look dope if we would be able to rotate.
  7. Inventory doesn't even work, it'd need a serious patching up before anything else. I mean even the existing sorting fields won't work so it'd be a blessing if that would be fixed first. :/
  8. Because keeping track of multiple articles and finding those few items out of them to see which items I need to pick from the shop now to buy asap because it'll be gone soon became quite impossible. A new Temporary Items field with adding a text info of on the items where I noted with red lkke "will be available till xyz" would make it clear because it is really not now, thank you
  9. 1. The command button numbers are not in sync with the room numbers which can be really misleading for people, (for example button 5 to see room 4). It's really confusing why it is mixed up but it could be more simple if buttons would have the numbers of the rooms and the entire view been on the last numbered button or on zero. 2. Sync Flash commands with the dc view commands, because they aren't now. In menu commands if I hit the menu botton "2" it takes me to room "3", but in flash command the behavior is completely different, in flash commands if I hit "dc 1", which is full view in the menu, it only takes me to room "1". I can't reach full view in flash commands with any number I use despite it's there in the menu.
  10. I tried to get my friend's soda and couldn't. Despite we were told the vote rewards are tradable because we worked for it hard, but here again the small detail in the picture, apparently what we was told was nice but not true and not all are tradable. Be honest if we gets pulled off with something then Please add in the vote buffs/rewards/vote field a text under the items that it's not tradable, or even better would be if it would be tradable as it was told, thank you
  11. I'm sorry, I still think it should be renamed. I think calling it fox cap is clickbait as seeing the chance of getting a Fox out of a Fox cap is way less than 0,1%. It's like if beach crates would give beach items only 0.0075% if opened (this is the percentage of getting a fox out of fox caps), or pet caps that would give furnitures more than 99% and pets only less than 1%.
  12. I literally just wasted my hard earned tokens to get a 3k woth of cat I never wanted, that's what came out of the fox cap. Calling it fox cap when we don't get foxes out of it is a big putoff and clickbait. Literally as if we would get furnitures or cosmetics out of pet capsules, how fitting would its name like that? Just why
  13. We are having a greench day on our server and talking about this event we realized how much we miss it and would love it having it again this December along with the old items. Maybe add new tasks and new story quest too, for the shake of suprise. Lot of people missed out the event or couldn't participated full time and missed out stuff and items and we thinks it'd be super of having a repeat as it literally brought together so many stranger and made us team, and friends.
  14. Because it's ridiculous we can't do that. Especially as now we have a 3 part flooring but can put it in one direction only, like dude how does it looks like?? I can't even use it if I don't buy a daycare storey especially for this flooring
  15. This is an unfair part of the overall greatest update we ever got. It'll lead to breaking up daily buddies, which was a super economic and community building feature before. Now it'll be a source of pressure and anxiety, and people will rather drop their buddies to avoid it.
  16. As we're a small server we're relying on the support of our members, but giving admin perms to non-staff folks puts the server in a vulnerable point. Adding an option where anybody can gift a server with a subscription from their own Tatsu account without getting admin perks would benefit both Tatsu and tatsu servers and their users, because • 99% of people are hesitant to/wouldn't gift us sub because they just don't want to be in a staff position for any short of the time, and • we have to restrict the sub gifting for the oldest and most active members only, to avoid admin permission abuse If these issues could cease with the option of gifting then more and more people would buy subs.
  17. It came up on our server that some people are have specific goals of cookie amounts, and because they can't stop people to give them cookies they are distressed about it, and that they are not able to discard cookies to go back to their wished goal number of cookies.
  18. Add green lamp (like blue), because white and blue looks horrible in a green themed room.
  19. It's not just the house field issue, it's present in all field. For example on house field, when I hit 'all house items' it leaves so many items out (for example only includes 4 potted fern but no any other plants.) When I search in 'all house items', tried 'plant' and 'plants', nut it shows no any item in the shop with that name in that category. Tried blue casual small sofa, then sofa, because I know there's one but again no results. The issue isn't only with these items, and it happens with other fields too, such as pet or badges, please fix it because this literally hides any new items ppl would buy
  20. Oh god yes please. Choosing channels/roles on the dashboard is a torture, doesn't matter what you want to set up, all field works the same, all roles/channels are listed, no 'select all', etc etc. It'd be a blessing if it'd be developed.
  21. Angel wings for halo, omg this sounds like the ultimate badass idea... demon wings for the greench horns
  22. It'd be super useful, like list all Muted members to see their names listed or @ed
  23. I'm sorry but I disagree. I don't use tatsu for mod stuff because it lacks more than not on that field, but as a last resort it's good to have it (like when the other mod bot(s) are down there's still tatsu to use for an urgent case to handle). I get your issue is super annoying, so maybe a settings like with dyno would help on this; turn off mod commands from users, in a way which the bot just refusing to react to mod commands at all from non-staff.
  24. Maybe more people would be interested in plus quests for the day/week. Lowkey idea for one: Daily quest new task for plus; 5 common know facts questions with simple answers. (Simple, but not too too easy, like how many states the usa have/what's the water's chemical formula, how many countries are in the eu, where kangaroos came from, which temp the water boils, etc etc...) It will break the quests being so very monotone and will offer a chance for users to be more informed about stuff around the world, like, there could be 100 question/answer all, the same 5 question per day for a week, but change the questions every week, like a slow rotation. Or for 3 days. Don't give it a time limit too short, allow users to have a time to google it, because the idea is to allow users to learn things with good mood not to make them annoyed for having to do this.
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