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  1. agree with op, crypto is a pyramid scheme, even the creators of nfts themselves said that it's a scam nfts went in the trash for me even before i knew what they were ever since crapto nerds stole a deceased artist's portfolio and profited off it (qinni). preach that it's got good motives all you want, but i've seen nothing short of scummy come from this entire thing. especially a shitload of art and IP theft, money laundering, scams [see: ransomware], broken priorities [see: people blowing their savings on it and ending up broke] and going round telling random people how amazing it is like some jehovah's witnesses 2.0. it's basically a circlejerk of generating artificial value that creates the illusion of art ownership. if you really want to support creators, commission them, engage with their content, promote their work. don't use them as middle men to fill your own pockets. i'm also concerned about the ethics of this whole thing because i'm guessing a decent amount of tatsu's userbase is underage. don't think it's a good look to expose kids to ponzi schemes and lure them into gambling with their parents' money using sparkly graphics as with all pyramid schemes, the only winner is the one who started it up and their circle; all profit balances on uncertainty and a loop of artificial scarcity if you're a crypto evangelist who just wants to end up telling me "we're not like the other blockchains, we're environmentally friendly UwU" then don't bother replying to me and just block me i made up my mind about this all the way back in '09. i've seen enough of this discourse on other platforms too to know that this is the turning point where everything starts going down the shitter and the community gets divided because financial incentives end up taking precedence over ethics it was never about supporting creators to begin with, but about justifying theft under the guise of economic freedom. a extremely dangerous premise for IP laws, because it legitimises theft and makes it easy to literally steal someone's work and claim it as your own "because well see i paid for this hyperlink so i own it even if it's yours and you never put it up for sale". how does this "reinforce ownership" in your opinion? it lets money decide ownership and not actual IP rights, which has nothing in common with creative spirit. once you get a drop of the kool-aid, there's no turning back from being en route to terminal capitalism
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