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[t!tg]: Pet quests [?]


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hello! more suggestions from me that i've had brewing in my head for a while ?


*Suggestion: something like daily quests but specific to the tatsugotchi as a way of getting more pet EXP!

e.g. something like "find 3 items on walks", or "earn 2000 credits from walks", just something to make it less grind-y


*Reason: at the moment, getting pet EXP is spamming commands [train/walk], which isn't really fun ? it's a good way to kill time on the commute to work for example but there's not much variety in what you can do to gain exp which takes some of the appeal out of it imo [to my adhd brain at least haha]


thank you!

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3 hours ago, Lyrialas#8499 said:

I like your idea, just be careful not to make the hurdles too high.
For 3 items you often have to walk a ton.

definitely! i kind of said those numbers off the top of my head rip ?

tho it really boils down to whether the exp reward is proportionate to the work you need to put into the quest ? for something like 500 exp 3 walk items is def not worth it-

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