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Forum Rules & Guidelines


To ensure a conducive environment for friendly conversation, please adhere to the following guidelines

  • No NSFW. This includes porn and graphic imagery, but also extends to NSFW roleplay.
  • No asking for or posting Personally Identifiable Information. This includes selfies, e-mail addresses, names, etc.
  • No discussion of politically, racially and religiously sensitive topics.
  • No spam or otherwise obnoxious posting.
  • No advertising of any kind.

Additional to these forum-wide rules, categories may contain a pinned Rules & Guidelines topic which contains category-specific rules.


Refusing to follow any number of these rules will lead to punishment based on the severity of the case.

These punishments range from getting a post removed and/or being warned to being permanently banned from the forum.
Punishments are given at the discretion of the staff team, and can generally not be disputed.

Please report any cases of broken rules via the built-in report feature.


Staff promises to conduct themselves by the following guidelines

  • Staff will treat users with respect and fairness.
  • Staff will issue punishments appropriate to the level of offense.
  • Staff will do their best not to escalate conflicts.
  • Staff will use their best judgement to foster a healthy forum environment.

If you believe a staff member is acting counter to these values, please do not hesitate to contact Esja#0001 (Discord) or Dabido#0001 (Discord/Forums).

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