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  5. How to restart tatsu character and account?
  6. I have lots of food, feeders, and sitters. How do I apply them?
  7. I sent my dog to daycare so I can send it to the pumpkin heist event. Now I want to send it back to house after recalling from the event. How do I do it?
  8. Is there a way? I couldnt see a way as there is only 1 points command which encompasses givign away your points
  9. the fact that this setting is listed under the economy header in t@help is really, really frustrating. I had no idea to even look through each of those individual settings, because as a casual discord user "persistence settings" means nothing to me, until I parsed the one that let me manage level up messages. I also could not find it through the tatsu dashboard, though I may have just been, foolishly, not looking in the economy settings
  10. Hello, Discords new naming system (Pre Oct 2016 members so far) does not work with tatsu. message comes up as invalid name. examples used as proof: /reputation @Baldo /reputation @Dunedrifter Both of these Discord members have recently changed their names under the new Discord naming system previous names: @dunedrifter#1486 @Baldo#6969
  11. Hi, any changes on this topic? I want to use the Meeko character, but I accidentally created the wrong race. I want to change it. Delete my character to let me create a new one, please!
  12. I want to say that there is a command to do it more easily, but it has been so long since I poked at that stuff, which was also before the / thing, I am no longer sure of it. But you can block them by going to the dashboard: server- modules- rewards & economy- score & points. Then add the channels you don't want them to earn points in.
  13. I want to reward users that post in a certian channel. How can i make it so all other channels on the server earn no points except for one? Is this even possible? I want to make the store points more valuable and have them earn the points from being helpful.
  14. Why was support for other languages removed?
  15. I don't know if you found the answer, but this is what I gathered from their support server. First, with the redirecting disabled, disable the level-up messages in the server, and then enable the redirecting of the messages to a channel, I just did that, and I will update if it worked. The photo is the supposed correct settings, just make sure the redirect is enabled after disabling in the server
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