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  4. Hello, Discords new naming system (Pre Oct 2016 members so far) does not work with tatsu. message comes up as invalid name. examples used as proof: /reputation @Baldo /reputation @Dunedrifter Both of these Discord members have recently changed their names under the new Discord naming system previous names: @dunedrifter#1486 @Baldo#6969
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  6. Hi, any changes on this topic? I want to use the Meeko character, but I accidentally created the wrong race. I want to change it. Delete my character to let me create a new one, please!
  7. I want to say that there is a command to do it more easily, but it has been so long since I poked at that stuff, which was also before the / thing, I am no longer sure of it. But you can block them by going to the dashboard: server- modules- rewards & economy- score & points. Then add the channels you don't want them to earn points in.
  8. I want to reward users that post in a certian channel. How can i make it so all other channels on the server earn no points except for one? Is this even possible? I want to make the store points more valuable and have them earn the points from being helpful.
  9. Why was support for other languages removed?
  10. I don't know if you found the answer, but this is what I gathered from their support server. First, with the redirecting disabled, disable the level-up messages in the server, and then enable the redirecting of the messages to a channel, I just did that, and I will update if it worked. The photo is the supposed correct settings, just make sure the redirect is enabled after disabling in the server
  11. Currently, quests can only be claimed the day of. However, sometimes it's very close to the time where the quests reset for the next day, and you forget to claim the quests until it's reset. This suggestion, if implemented, would automatically claim any unclaimed and finished quests from the day before, either for the entire day, or for a certain period after the quest reset. This suggestion should be implemented because it makes the quest system more user-friendly, and still isn't too OP.
  12. There is a work around you can do for this: By disabling t!score, you can avoid the voting prompts. t!rank shows the same thing as t!score, but with an added graphic too. Therefore, doing [email protected] score and then enabling rank is the best solution I found to avoid the voting prompts.
  13. I followed the prompts for persistence and enabled level-messages in just one channel, but the bot sends a message in whatever channel ppl are talking in. For instance, I have level-up messages enabled in levels channel but if ppl are talking in the general channel, the bot sends a message saying the person levelled up in the general channel. Is there something I'm missing?
  14. For the 2022 Halloween event, I'm hoping for something a bit more Halloween of old, and a bit less cutesey or Disney-esque. The world is becoming too safe, too easily offended or affronted, and it's wearisome. Tiresome, in fact.
  15. Bug Description: Western Sahara's flag shows Eritrea's flag instead Expected Behaviour: It should show Western Sahara's flag Steps to reproduce: Set your country as Western Sahara or look at the flag in the dropdown menu when setting country in browser Username: mitsorubi#3158
  16. When i try to edit my server on tatsu.gg dashboard, it takes me through the account authentication process, then I am met with this error. [email protected] also doesnt work.
  17. Need to have some kind of ways to raise t!convert daily limits. Why you ask? Well this is entirely optional for everyone but can be useful if anyone wants to buy things on a large scale if they have plenty of credits but not tradable ones. 300k is just an example, maybe some kind of measure to discourage botting/money laundering. Since economy might get overhauled for TM, I think raising limits can be a gateway for more players to spend more credits.
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