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  6. There is a work around you can do for this: By disabling t!score, you can avoid the voting prompts. t!rank shows the same thing as t!score, but with an added graphic too. Therefore, doing [email protected] score and then enabling rank is the best solution I found to avoid the voting prompts.
  7. I followed the prompts for persistence and enabled level-messages in just one channel, but the bot sends a message in whatever channel ppl are talking in. For instance, I have level-up messages enabled in levels channel but if ppl are talking in the general channel, the bot sends a message saying the person levelled up in the general channel. Is there something I'm missing?
  8. For the 2022 Halloween event, I'm hoping for something a bit more Halloween of old, and a bit less cutesey or Disney-esque. The world is becoming too safe, too easily offended or affronted, and it's wearisome. Tiresome, in fact.
  9. Bug Description: Western Sahara's flag shows Eritrea's flag instead Expected Behaviour: It should show Western Sahara's flag Steps to reproduce: Set your country as Western Sahara or look at the flag in the dropdown menu when setting country in browser Username: mitsorubi#3158
  10. When i try to edit my server on tatsu.gg dashboard, it takes me through the account authentication process, then I am met with this error. [email protected] also doesnt work.
  11. Need to have some kind of ways to raise t!convert daily limits. Why you ask? Well this is entirely optional for everyone but can be useful if anyone wants to buy things on a large scale if they have plenty of credits but not tradable ones. 300k is just an example, maybe some kind of measure to discourage botting/money laundering. Since economy might get overhauled for TM, I think raising limits can be a gateway for more players to spend more credits.
  12. Yeah you added pings but can you **DISABLE** them? I cant find a setting for it, so personally I have the bot blocked because I dont like pings…
  13. This has been implemented, you may now use the menu that pops up or t!<house/tg/meeko> <room number>, or 0 to display the entire house. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. "View entire storey" option has been moved to the bottom of the list, thanks for the suggestion.
  15. Hi :) Personally, I'd prefer the new feature of choosing room in t!tg command be a separate command (not removed) as - it takes longer to load - I'm on IPhone, so getting to the numbers takes more effort than what was originally needed - I don't mind which room my pet is in. However, I can understand why people want it. And, I don't know how discord bot programming works, so maybe it's easier for the devs this way. Maybe they knew some people wouldn't like it and (I'm guessing) would have made a workaround if possible. Anyway, solved the problem just for myself my copying "t!tg 1" and pasting it when wanted, or using "t!info". Ciao
  16. a way to disable the new t!tg feature that asks what room you want to view before you can see your pet stats. don’t get me wrong it’s great for the people who actually care/want to see their pet in a specific room and not have to do the command repeatedly for that to happen. but it’s very annoying for others who don’t care and just want to quickly check on their pets stats
  17. Is there going to BE a way to reset the meeko once you've made it, and when will the non-game related clothing and accessories be available?
  18. ok but only because funny number Edit: This has been implemented, thank you for the suggestion.
  19. Unless you mean the confirmation message after completing the command (in which case you would just need to use the command in the channel you want it to appear), it sounds like you have enabled score & points logging which is creating a separate notification message in your chosen channel. You can disable this setting on the dashboard under servers > your server > rewards & economy > score & points > points & score logs, by removing the channel listed. Alternatively, you could change the channel to one of your private logging channels in case you want to keep track of admins giving out score/points.
  20. Suggestion: Showing the remaining Pet Food on inventory after each feeding action would greatly improve quality of life for full fatigue or long walk cycles, saving time, maths and probably a couple calls to the servers with an additional command to check the stock from time to time (not solo relevant but helps my idea look better :v ). This simple addition makes it easy to keep track on the remaining stock and the units spent and the whole walk session profits, at a quick glance. Something similar kinda happens already when feeding a pet without having Pet Food on inventory: The feeding message tells the user how many Credits were deducted for feeding... it's half a relevant info since it doesn't show the available amount of credits on wallet to know when to stop if you are close to bankruptcy (something usual for newcomers) but at the same time gives some idea to calculate the best walking/feeding cycles. This would also be a good suggestion to also show the remaining Credits on wallet in the case of feeding without Pet Food. That's it, thx for reading. Double thx if you up-vote. & Triple thx to developers if this becomes a reality.
  21. Currently, when I award server points, tatsu notifies the user by generating a message in another channel which happens to be one of the few I don’t want it to generate messages in. I’ve disabled rank messages from there but I have been told there’s currently no way to disable or reroute these messages that notify of server points awarded which means I’m constantly deleting them. Could we make this an option just like with the level up rank messages?
  22. You need to have administrator, or have a server role which has been assigned "Bot Manager Role" by the owner/an admin through the Dashboard > Settings module
  23. I'm in the same pickle, the only problem is that the "module" category in the server tab isn't showing up. The only tabs given are "server" and "reward store". Do you have to be the owner of the server to edit the server shop, or can you be an administrator as well?
  24. The t!score command (as a standalone command like t!points, not an alias for rank) has been implemented, thank you for the suggestion.
  25. The follow suggestion has been implemented to allow specifying the number of cookies to send with t!cookie (name) (number), though it's not possible to permanently remove or refund a purchased multiplier. https://community.tatsu.gg/topic/312-being-able-to-give-a-specific-number-of-cookies-by-having-a-multiplier/
  26. Please add a marriage system where players can marry each other and can even move to a house together with their pets. Thank you so much.
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