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  3. The winners have been decided! Thousands of you voted for your favorite pets, daycares and houses and the results are out! Some entries came really close to each other (Within 2% vote differences) so we've also decided to award a 4th place for those entries. 1.0 Ghastly Pets Winners 1.1 Cat Category First Place: -`, Arian ˎˊ-'s Coco Second Place: gogo#9999's GamerCat69 Third Place: vira k.#0775's majo Fourth Place: I love the Human Rally :nod:'s Rally-Chan 1.2 Dog Category First Place: Everything's good's shelter Second Place: Yepyep's Vermin Third Place: DeepSleep#6969's Magnus 1.3 Bird Category First Place: kelz's qanuk Second Place: Lizdiz's Hades Third Place: Bambi#0001's Raven 1.4 Fox Category First Place: Dragonhearted#2807's Nova Second Place: Deniak#4821's Yae Third Place: Simmy♡#0001's Chupacabra Fourth Place: John's Caerbannog 2.0 Haunted Houses 2.1 Small House First Place: ʚïɞRilakkuma☆#1556's house Second Place: Pixies#4851's house Third Place: Cintia A♡#5395's house 2.2 Large House First Place: Jeyy's house Second Place: Evelien#9460's house Third Place: Juli Z#7135's house 2.3 Small Daycare First Place: hikaru's daycare Second Place: Mehran's daycare Third Place: Toasty#2913's daycare 2.2 Medium Daycare First Place: Code#3900's daycare Second Place: Hiki Ackerman#0260's daycare Third Place: Ayre's daycare 2.2 Large Daycare First Place: Simmy♡#0001's daycare Second Place: Dex✘x#4435's daycare Third Place: reni's daycare 2.2 Extra Large Daycare First Place: DeepSleep#6969's daycare Second Place: cathowl#1983's daycare Third Place: ミア#8888's daycare Congratulations to all winners! Rewards for winners and shortlisted entries will be sent out in the next 24 hours. If you weren't shortlisted, fret not - There will be more in the future! Thank you to everyone for your submissions, we wish you the best for future competitions.
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  6. [email protected] can be used as a work around to kick/ban users of the same Hierarchy as you in the server if the bot role is higher Suggestion: Prevent users (provided they have the perms to use the command [[email protected]]) from warning each other until a kick/ban is triggered by the bot. Why: More security.
  7. Besides the taking 20 hours thing, it is on the expensive side for someone who is just starting out (or has holes in their pockets), so I am not sure I would want to see it as a normal daily. It is a daily for the Phantom Feast though, and with a lowered cost. That is a nice compromise- an event daily.
  8. Please add this with an on/off option for the server. I definitely see how some servers would need it, but I also see how it would be disadvantageous to have it on others.
  9. I can't answer your question about the server subscription, but it looks like you are unbanned from Tatu's server.
  10. I agree, I would love an option to disable or “hide” the carers in my house.
  11. This suggestion is for Rewards & Economy > Item Creator. Currently it is only possible to create accolades with emotes. In order for this to work, the emote needs to be in the server. Servers have limited emote space - meaning if we want to add accolades we may need to remove other useful and expressive emotes from the server. If we were able to create accolade items with image links instead, that would resolve this issue.
  12. you CAN get rid of a pet once it is unwrapped but boy does the game make you feel guilty for abandoning the pet... You have to do it through the inventory and i believe discard is the command you have to use and then confirm a few times. however yes this is not something i want to do as i am working on trying to get 1 of every cat and build an army of cats! i have been giving the dogs and birds away to people in my servers who lose their pets when they cant be on in over a week and carers are not enough... honestly the ability to buy multiple carers to last for a long absence would also be nice alongside this suggestion. this way you dont have the guilt trip of discarding unwanted pets you accidentally unwrap and if something happens where you are offline for 2 weeks you dont lose a pet either.
  13. Ok, i have been struggling to find someone or someplace to ask this, so hear me out. I have a personal and server support subscription i bought a couple of weeks ago. The thing is then about a week after that a phishing hacker got past my 2FA while i was asleep and started spamming people with nitro scams. The direct result of this was not only was i banned from Tatsu lounge (i dont blame you) but i was also banned temporarily from the server i bought the subscription for. I am back in all my previous servers (except Tatsu lounge) now that i took 2-3 days to ensure my computer was clean and my account was back under my control. However even if i am never allowed back into the Tatsu discord (though i would really love to be allowed back in if thats possible?) My question is... having been banned for a couple days... how does this effect, if at all, the subscription status of the server i bought it for? will i still be getting billed again for it? Do i need to set it up again? I am sorry, i have no idea who to ask or how on this one as the first place i would go with this question is the discord where i am banned :/ My discord is becca#7498 if anyone can help please let me know. thank you becca
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  15. So i've decided to keep collecting pets, but the more I get the more duplicates I also end up collecting. Is there a feature that could be implemented that warns the user that they already have an unwrapped pet of that kind when they go to unwrap one? Say for example, I have a Pug already unwrapped. When I go to unwrap one, it would give me a warning telling me I already have one unwrapped. It's just kind of a hassle to go through all the different menus of unwrapped pets to make sure I haven't already unwrapped a pet to keep my "1 of each" collection going because I can't get rid of a duplicate pet after I unwrap it.
  16. I can't even send my pet on a heist...
  17. I can't go Trick or Treating. I don't have that option. Everyone's house I visit is a barren wooden room and I only see my pet instead of theirs... Is anyone else facing that problem?
  18. Hi, I would like to suggest to be able to add a certain number of pets to house (not daycare) How could this work? According to the size house Basic 2 Medium 4 Larger +6 (is there someone who could have so much?! )
  19. hello again! back with another suggestion Suggestion: raise the pet's fatigue stat as it levels and the other stats with prestige. for example: level up -> +5 to max fatigue prestige -> +50 max fatigue permanently, +1 dirtiness, +1 affection, +1 hunger Reason: in all sorts of games with a level/exp mechanic, it's pretty normal for the character/pet to gain stats. while bumping up dirtiness/affection/hunger every level would be a little overkill, raising the fatigue stat with level won't have any negative effects and will give at least a bit more incentive to level and prestige. there's not enough reward mechanics in place for levelling or prestiging despite how much work prestiging takes my understanding of prestiged pets taking longer to run away is that there's some shadow stats involved, but it'd be nice for those stats to actually be visible effects of our hard work thanks for coming by!
  20. May I ask? In the form it said that my pet must be active for the duration of the event, I took the pet's pic in the daycare and am using him for heists. But it says here that he must either be active or in a daycare. Should I make my pet active or is that no necessary? And thank you so much for such a wonderful Bot!
  21. Allnie#8655


    Selling Pets Very Rare Chocolate Doberman 25k Epic Pug Black 50k Corgi 50k Green Macaw Parrot 50k Legendary Alaskan Malamute 750k
  22. We do occasionally check the posts and some have been implemented, but as of this moment, our resources are focused on other things.
  23. It seems the forums are dead, do the developers read this or is it strictly for the community? Thought this was be a brilliant idea to improve a community to have more chatter. :/
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