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    Global Economy Refresh, Expedition Store


    Note: This article first appeared on our Medium publication (Which we no longer use) on July 22nd 2020

    Temple of Ruins: Economy Refresh

    Hi everyone, in the upcoming overhaul we’ll be rebalancing the credit economy!

    People with a small amount of credits will see a large boost, while those with huge coffers might see their fortunes shrink.

    Fear not though, millionaires! Part of your credits will have gone towards an archaeological expedition to the Temple of Ruins and we’ve uncovered an old currency called Ancient Coins! This rare currency will be divvied up among all those impacted negatively by the credit redistribution, and we’ve got a special, blinged up shop for those looking to spend these ancient treasures!

    For those who didn’t fund this endeavour, keep your eyes peeled — we’ve heard that some ancient coins went missing in the shipments, so there may soon be some opportunities to find some yourself in future events…


    Expedition Store

    Over at the ruins expedition base camp, the museum liaisons are looking to trade you some valuable items in order to build up their collection of Ancient Coins!

    Exchange your ancient coins to get rare & exclusive rewards that cannot otherwise be obtained with credits!

    Items available in the expedition store:

    • 3x profile tags
    • 10x pet cosmetic items equippable on any pet
    • 5x profile badges
    • 10x gold & art-deco themed furniture for housing
    • Currencies
    • Pet capsules, XP drinks, etc

    Profile Tags



    Pet Cosmetics



    Housing System






    •   •   •

    Currency Changes: Credits

    In anticipation of these changes, credit transfers will be disabled until it is replaced by the trade system on launch

    Base Changes

    • Credit base gain rate from messages increased by 84.9%
    • Maximum persistence ticks capped at 360 per day
    • New daily quests to replace Tatsugotchi-specific quests (150% increase in credit gain)
    • Voting rewards will include credits

    Credit Rebalance Chart

    This chart shows you how many credits you will gain / lose depending on your credit balance, and whether you will be eligible for ancient coins when the update launches:


    Don’t worry if you’re not receiving any ancient coins this time around; in future events these rare coins will be available again.


    Item Pricing Changes

    Prices will increase by 30% to 100% depending on the item type. Despite the increase in item prices you will still be able to afford many more items because of the overall increase in credit gain rate, ways to earn credits and the addition of a new Token currency.

    Why are you rebalancing the economy?

    After 2 years, many players have amassed a huge amount of illicit credits, either through using selfbots or receiving credits in large amounts from bot farms. In the overhaul we are adding a large amount of player focused content and having a mountain of credits obtained through illicit has the consequence of impacting the plans we have for future content, economy & trading functionality. We have made the difficult decision to rebalance the economy to ensure a healthier and longer-lasting player-driven economy.

    As shown in the expedition event above, we’ve put in effort to ensure that legitimate players who have their credits removed will receive compensation in the form of rarer items that can only be obtained through the limited ancient coin currency. We ask for your patience and support in implementing these measures, thank you!

    There will be new systems in place to deter this kind of botting activity in the new version so this will be the first and last time we ever make any huge changes such as this to the economy.d

    New Currency: Tokens



    We are introducing a new non-tradable currency called tokens in the overhaul. This is a rarer form of currency that is given out on a less frequent basis as a reward for completing certain actions. Tokens can be used as a replacement for purchasing normal items, or to purchase rarer token-only items.

    How to get Tokens:

    • As a bonus for completing the new daily quests
    • As a bonus for completing your t!daily streak (daily 5x per week)
    • Additional tokens for being a Tatsu supporter subscriber
    • Voting for Tatsu on voting sites
    • Given in Tatsu games eg. Walking pet in Tatsugotchi has a chance for your pet to find tokens

    As we add more content we will add more avenues of earning this new currency.

    Trading System



    In order to implement a trading system we are removing the credit transfer feature. Instead of directly transferring credits you convert your credits into tradable denominations which can then be traded with other players for their items or currency.

    There are a few reasons for this:

    • Secure transfers between users
    • Review transfers at your own leisure
    • Ability to cancel transfers
    • Increased barrier to entry for credit farms & bots

    Trading will be limited to a set number of requests a day and max number of trade requests you can have at once (both incoming and outgoing).

    Global Economy System Changes

    A couple of changes will be coming to the XP, credits & scoring system in the next update:

    • The XP + credits system and Global Rankings will be separated
    • Global rankings have been changed to activity ranking instead of XP rankings
    • You still earn XP, credits and activity score the same way (Talking in text chat)


    tl;dr: You will be able to purchase more items after the upcoming update.

    In the next post: How to build your own server economy and how you can customize a loyalty & activity ecosystem for your Discord server in the upcoming overhaul.

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    You like maff? Well this one's 4u lol Honestly it's a bit overwhelming all the things Tatsu learned since I met this bot friend in 2017. But that's just a sign of how much work the Dev team around David put into this project - and honestly it's pretty amazing. Sure playing with Tatsu and my old Wizzzcat was simpler b4 - but all the things u can do now r stunning. And they don't stop there! since I returned beginning of this year, there hasn't really been a month were they didn't present something new - and I haven't been able 2 catch up as I am still busy with basic Tatsu-maff. Better get ur abacus out n braincells ready :D


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