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    Our very first player event!


    Note: This article first appeared on our Medium publication (Which we no longer use) on October 29th 2020

    Hi everyone! Ever since the soft launch of the beta back in August, we’ve been busy working on improving our infrastructure and implementing various bug fixes.

    We’re happy to say that we’ve resolved most of the stability issues that have been affecting us since launch and are now ready to go full steam ahead on new features & content!


    The Event & Mini-games

    Our very first event is upon us and with it brings a small collection of mini-games for everyone to enjoy. This series of limited-time mini-games for Tatsu will be available for play over the course of the next three weeks!

    In the following sections we will introduce each new mini-game and how you can participate using the game-specific commands! A brand new shop containing special rewards will also be made available at the start of the event!

    Players will be able to check out the mini-games and the event shop during the event period which lasts from 29th Oct UTC 14:00 to 19th Nov UTC 07:59.


    Community Giveaways

    In addition to the event mini-games & features, we will be running giveaways for members of our on Tatsu’s Lounge community server!

    We are giving away a whole bunch of different prizes such as Discord Nitro subscriptions, Tatsu supporter & server subscriptions, credits, tokens, player houses & even Cyberpunk 2077!

    More details about the giveaway will be revealed during the release of the event on our community server.

    Read on for more info about the event & each mini-game!


    Event Currency: Emeralds



    Emeralds are making a limited appearance as an event currency! These can only be obtained during this event so earn as many as you possibly can!


    Event Store & Rewards


    For this event we are releasing a new, temporary category in the shop menu called the Event Shop! In the new shop, you can spend your hard-earned emeralds to buy limited-time event items.

    The new Event Shop includes everything from wall decoration to cosmetic items for your Tatsugotchi pets. Take this opportunity to buy all the event items you want (and can afford)!


    Emerald Pets & Event Cosmetics

    The following pets & cosmetics will only be available during the event duration:



    Modeco Furniture

    Give your home a modern and sophisticated touch with this new set of modeco inspired furniture!




    Profile Badges

    Here are some of the 40+ new profile badges that will be available for emeralds:




    The Daily Spinner



    Spinning the Wheel

    The daily spinner can be spun once per day! (Supporters get two spins each)

    In order to activate the wheel, enter the command:

    t!spin go

    Each of the wheel segments represents a potential reward that you can obtain. Once the wheel stops spinning, you will get the reward displayed in the segment that the pointer lands on:




    The Bingo Board



    Our second mini-game is Tatsu’s small twist on an original: Bingo. Get rewards for completing individual tiles as well as multiple lines!

    Viewing your Bingo Board



    You can check your Bingo Board at any given time by entering the command:


    Completing Bingo Tasks

    We wanted to re-introduce our users, old and new, to the variety of features available through Tatsu. The Tatsu Bingo Board has a total of 25 tiles, each of which gives you a completion hint!

    When you see a 完 symbol over the tile, that means you have successfully completed that task!

    For your convenience, here is the full list of the 25 tasks that are available:

    1. Train your Tatsugotchi pets
    2. Make item purchases on the shop
    3. Catch uncommon fish
    4. Redecorate your home
    5. See the rainbow
    6. Spruce your pets
    7. Spin the daily spinner
    8. Are you a lucky guy?
    9. Play with your Tatsugotchi pet
    10. Complete ALL your daily quests
    11. Self-confidence
    12. Clean your Tatsugotchi pets
    13. Absolutely free!
    14. Give cookies
    15. Play the slots
    16. Catch some fish
    17. Do your dailies
    18. Spend your emeralds
    19. Pong!
    20. The Treetsu Fruit
    21. Give reputation
    22. Learn about animals
    23. Walk your Tatsugotchi pets
    24. Catch some trash
    25. 420

    Viewing your Bingo Task Progress



    It can be hard to keep track of all the tasks so we’ve made a command for you to check your progress. In order to view your Bingo tasks, enter:

    t!bingo tasks [1-5]

    There are a total of 5 rows, so type in the number of the specific row you would like to view.

    For example, to view all tasks in the first row you can type:

    t!bingo tasks 1

    Claiming Bingo Rewards

    When you complete a task, claim the reward by entering the command:

    t!bingo claim

    You get rewarded for every tile and line (row/column/diagonal) you complete and an additional bonus when you complete the entire board!


    The Treetsu Forest



    Help to grow the Treetsu forest! Share your Treetsu with anyone in your server or take some free saplings from users who already have a Treetsu! The goal of this mini-game is to help the forest grow as large as possible!

    Viewing your Treetsu Stats

    In order to view your individual Treetsu statistics, enter the command:



    Obtaining a Treetsu

    If you don’t have one yet, you can obtain a Treetsu by visiting another player who has Treetsu. You can also share your Treetsu with anyone who does not already have the Treetsu. To visit another player’s Treetsu Garden, enter the command:

    t!treetsu [player name]


    The Community Goals



    The final part of the event consists of goals that have to be completed as one big global community! Work together with other Tatsu users across servers to accomplish the goals together!

    Each community goal tier completed will unlock rewards for all Tatsu users worldwide!

    List of Goals

    There are a total of 5 community goals, all of which correspond to a Tatsu-related task.

    1. Complete Bingo Lines
    2. Spin Daily Wheels
    3. Grow Treetsus
    4. Spend Emerald Tokens
    5. Complete Daily Quests


    Viewing Goal Progress

    At any given point of time during the event, you can check the progress of the Community Goals by entering the command:


    You will be able to view the progress and completion tier of each individual community goal.


    Claiming Community Goal Rewards

    Claim completed rewards by using this command:

    t!goal claim




    We’re excited to finally be able to bring you the first piece of new content since our overhaul. We hope to be able to bring you many more events in the future!

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