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    Patch 0.54 - New Fox Pets, 30+ New Furniture & QoL Updates


    Summer draws to a close this month...

    But we're just heating up! Patch 0.54 introduces a NEW type of pet: The fox! We've also got 20+ new store furniture, 10 walk items and PLENTY of cute new creature badges in store.

    Table of Contents

    1.0 New Fox Pets
    2.0 New Store Furni
    3.0 New Walk Furni
    4.0 New Pet Cosmetic
    5.0 Café-themed Supporter Items
    6.0 Monthly Vote Reward
    7.0 Quality of Life Updates
    8.0 New Store Badges
    9.0 Bugfixes

    1.0 New Legendary Fox Pets

    You can now own 6 different colors of fabulous foxes! These foxes will be available permanently as legendaries in Pet+ capsules and trade-ups.

    foxes.gif.994a443d23cfad630321fd5eea83903a.gif   foxxoesi.gif.9978c17cc3b52fe243c12f2079fab0c3.gif

    1.1 Fox+ Capsules

    Special limited-time Fox+ capsules are now available in store until the 30th September 2021. When you get a legendary when using a Fox+ capsule, there is a 50% chance it will be a fox instead of other legendary pets.


    Each Fox+ capsule costs the same as a Pet+ capsule at 450 Tokens and has the same rarity drop rates as Pet+ capsules.

    Note: The Fox+ capsule has a separate legendary guarantee from the Pet+ capsule. At the end of the Fox+ capsule duration, remaining pulls left until the legendary guarantee will be moved to future special capsules.


    2.0 New Store Furniture

    1.2 Permanent Token Furniture

    These items have been permanently added to the store:



    Rustic Wooden Table

    Bread Rack

    Cafe Signboard


    1.2 Permanent Credit Furniture

    These items have been permanently added to the store:




    Orange Dance Floor

    Pink Dance Floor

    Fancy Yellow Carpet Flooring

    Flower Patterned Blue Flooring

    Flower Patterned Green Flooring

    Black Masonry

    Green Cabinet

    Pink Cabinet

    Dark Cabinet

    White Padded Armrest Chair

    Green Padded Armrest Chair

    Pink Padded Armrest Chair

    Clover Cushion

    Blue Clover Cushion

    Brown Clover Cushion

    Purple Television

    Light Wood Padded Chair

    Light Wood Black Padded Chair


    3.0 New Walk Furniture

    More goodies have been added to the drop pool for your pets to find in walks:



    Cyan Metal Folding Chair

    Green Metal Folding Chair

    Orange Metal Folding Chair

    Green Fishtank

    Blue Fishtank

    Black Royal Chair

    Grey Royal Chair

    Small Pink Bookshelf

    Small Purple Bookshelf


    4.0 New Pet Cosmetics

    The croissant collar pet cosmetic and pink bow have been added to the token store permanently.  



    5.0 Cafe-themed Supporter Items


    6.0 Monthly Voting Rewards

    This month's voting reward is a pastel pink bow. Reach 72 total votes this month to get it!


    7.0 General QoL Updates

    More quality of life features have been added to slash commands and capsules.
    7.1 Guaranteed Legendary Counter


    • Guaranteed legendary counter has now been added to t!tg capsule and t!open

    7.2 Interactions

    When using slash commands, the following Tatsugotchi commands now reply via interaction instead of a separate message:

    • clean
    • play
    • visit
    • feed
    • train
    • walk
    • chart


    8.0 New Store Badges

    A whole set of new food and creature badges have been added to the Tatsu store. 

    8.1 Cute Creatures (42 badges)


    8.2 Treats and Food (35 badges)



    9.0 Bugfixes

    • t!background "quick links" now link to a server's Tatsu page instead of Tatsu's Lounge.
    • There is now a max limit of 1000 infraction points for t@infract kicking
    • There is now a max limit of 1000 infraction points for t@infract banning
    • There is now a 24 hour max limit for infraction points expiring
    • Users with the bot manager role can now use all moderator commands


    10.0 That's all for now

    That's all for this update! Thank you to all players & admins for lending us your support, we'll see you in the next patch :)


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    The Fox+ Capsules seem to be glitching if you purchase two at once. My friend is unable to use it while owning 2.
    Edit: I did just get myself a single Fox+ Capsule and can't open it either.

    Edited by gyepi#9110
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