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  1. The basic idea of the suggestion would be to: - change https://community.tatsu.gg/news/updates/ to https://community.tatsu.gg/news/tatsu-updates/ instead (and redirect the old URL to the new one to not break existing links elsewhere) - add https://community.tatsu.gg/news/tatsumeeko-updates/ - add https://community.tatsu.gg/news/meekolony-updates/ All would be viewable together via https://community.tatsu.gg/news/ (as the current "updates" subsection already is), or separately via the above URLs. (The posts in the tatsumeeko-updates and meekolony-updates subsections could pretty much just be copy-pasted from their respective posts on the other sites even, I'd imagine.)
  2. Suggestion: A dashboard panel for toggling self-assigned roles. Attached mockup that I put together in MS Paint (click for larger size):
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