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  1. Haaaai just a couple of ideas for furniture that i think will be nice to have ? 1. Dresser 2x1 2. Sofa 1x1 3. Divan 2x1 4. Mirrortable 1x1 5. Piano 2x1 6. Piano chair 1x1 7. Heart tree
  2. Ideas for more floatias that can be purchase with credits :D (can be token too, no problem) why: cuz some people dont have tokens and nevere are enought floaties also other beach crate items have variety but no floatie :(
  3. Wings: Since there is no category of cosmetics for the back, the ideal would be for this accessory to be placed as a necklace, the image is only for reference, it can be white, red, black and many colored wings, it just seems like an interesting proposal! The image is for reference purposes, I know you can do better!
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