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    *Suggestion: The command, "T!slots" is a good and cool command that can either take your money, or give. The chance to win is low. In the last hour, I decided to play around with Tatsu and see how much I could earn. I think it should be easier to win, but only win the slow amounts and not the high. *Reason: I did t!slots through t!slots 100. I lost 3k from slots. I think there should be an easier chance to win. Not a high chance to be able to win the high amount, but at least something better to help with making slots easier. In my opinion, slots is pretty useless if you lose more money than you can gain. *Username: AriAri#2485
  2. Something like a blackjack or something very different from any other economy bot. *Reason: My reason is because the only thing I see happening for economy is the slots command and the points system where you can buy something from the shop. There are quests and other things that give money, but something else that can improve the economy commands itself would be better. *Username: AriAri#2485
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