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  1. 1. The subscription would be automatically cancelled or they'd possibly get minus points and this could also be depending on how the dashboard manager has set it up; for example: choose if people's subscription is automatically cancelled or if they will gain minus points. 2. This could possibly be a role that you choose to have it linked to and the user could keep the role until the subscription gets cancelled. 3 (Why it's necessary). I wouldn't say it's "necessary" at all but it's just a cool feature to have with the bot.
  2. Be able to make a certain reward item a subscription that a user can cancel at anytime. Also make a customizable subscription pay date for example: Pay Every: 2 days (of course make it customizable just an example) Format: Subscription: [CHECK BOX/IF YES THEN...] Points: [POINTS AMOUNT HERE] Pay Every: [PAY EVERY... HERE]
  3. Make it so you can gain a level 1 by 1 and work up to a milestone. So, more detail: So, people can gain levels 1 by 1 and work up to a milestone, so, for example the first role reward is "Level 5", you can then work up by level 1, 2, 3, 4 and then, the first milestone, level 5 including a role reward. Then this could be 5, 10, 15 etc what ever fully customizable like 1 = 100 score, 2 = 200 score etc.
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