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  1. HI today I am thinking why aren't we getting more ancient coins and more buyable items in expedition. My idea : Why not make quest for ancient coins that quest comes once a week and you can anywhere from 7 to 15 ancient coins a week from that quest and why not add actual historical items like a sword,Cape, dinosaur fossils, ancient relics and etc. The cmd can be :- t!Aq { ancient quest} Reason :- It would be interesting and also cool to have a item in your home where you have a ancient sword the Excalibur for example just my imagination. Username : Ryoku#4399
  2. I am thinking that you people can do like mystery box where there are like few boxes (2or3) in which each box has Particular items and once they open that they any 1 of the multiple item's in the list. It's the same basis as the {Beach crates } I am thinking like some particular item's in the mystery crates like :- 1) Pets (particular rarity) or any (rarity) 2) Furniture (any kind) 3) Cosmetic (any kind) 4) Walk-only item's (mystery crate) you can buy from the shop or you may find it through walking your pet and also by voting the Bot and getting more chances of getting the crate through walking. Sorry for giving a vague description also not thinking of a better detailed description about the crates.
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