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  1. I know but just a gift? Words matter more in my opinion.. Also if you can get mails from server mods from (lets say) X server by Y mod. That requests for you to open dms, when your DMs are closed and you have a muted server since Tatsu always reminds you and lets you know when you have a new unopened mail. Another potential use of being able to send/get mails.
  2. Hello, What if you were able to mail people between servers using their Discord ID, or mail between 2 severs that Tatsu is in, or even mail people in the same server? I though of this since a friend of mine has a birthday coming.. but he lives far away from me so I can't give him, a present. What if I were able to send him a Mail via Tatsu with a gift and a nice heartwarming message? I really hope this becomes a feature! I really want him to feel like we're close to each other like 2019. Thanks for reading!
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