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    Suggestion: Showing the remaining Pet Food on inventory after each feeding action would greatly improve quality of life for full fatigue or long walk cycles, saving time, maths and probably a couple calls to the servers with an additional command to check the stock from time to time (not solo relevant but helps my idea look better :v ).


    This simple addition makes it easy to keep track on the remaining stock and the units spent and the whole walk session profits, at a quick glance. 

    Something similar kinda happens already when feeding a pet without having Pet Food on inventory:


    The feeding message tells the user how many Credits were deducted for feeding... it's half a relevant info since it doesn't show the available amount of credits on wallet to know when to stop if you are close to bankruptcy (something usual for newcomers) but at the same time gives some idea to calculate the best walking/feeding cycles. This would also be a good suggestion to also show the remaining Credits on wallet in the case of feeding without Pet Food.


    That's it, thx for reading.
    Double thx if you up-vote.
    & Triple thx to developers if this becomes a reality. 746857405085646968.gif.28ff378431b57f4e7e69a5fabb7ce8e7.gif

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    • Bug Description: Reputation, Activity and Like streak icons in the Author panel got replaced with :Marker"
    • Expected result: There was a +, heart and whatever the other icon was for Like streaks
    • Troubleshooting: Tried disabling ad-blockers, extensions, and tried another browser (Brave, Chrome and Firefox) still the same.
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  2. Suggestion:
    well, this is a zero priority suggestion and
    in fact I'm not sure it would be fixable anytime soon
    but wanted to share something hardly noticeable which
    becomes more noticeable In Pent's room 4, furni placement 2 (a.k.a. 3-C)

    this slot seems to be in the center of the isometric view.
    but furniture placed there, is not strictly centered once it's placed.
    This might not be the case for all the 1x1 furniture but it's easily
    noticeable on slim symmetric furnis as Lampshade or Quaint Tatsu Lamp.

    Once placed in the spot, since the pixel art grid and the furni's wideness
    don't match the symmetry needed to put the lamps in the center,
    the lamp seems misaligned a couple pixels to the left.

    A "simple" relocation in the grid a couple steps to the right
    should be enough to solve this, but back to the Pixel art grid thingy
    I guess it wouldn't be that "simple" as relocating it.
    So, maybe making it wider¿? idk, would depend on how the system works.

    Well, actually this is more of a cosmetic issue, it's simply aesthetic and doesn't 
    affect gameplay or any other feature, so the only reason I find for this to be
    fixed or worked out in whatever manner, is to comply with my OCD.


    Current placement vs Relocation to Room's isometric center




    That's all, thanks.

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  3. I'm up for the quick captcha thingy

    but hell not to ban users automatically... rather keep the human verification before banning.

    justa temporal command-disable if you don't fill the captcha would be enough to prevent people using the macros to exploit the system.

  4. 33 minutes ago, ????? L.?#1234 said:


    i am finding anything else

    sorry for the inconvenience, "bump" comments are meant to bump my post up to the tops of the list (as in rules is stated, you can bump every 6 hours)
    If you are getting notifications everytime I bump, there should be a "Follow topic" button in the top right of this post, next to post's title.
    you can unfollow this post from there, or control what notifications you receive.

    It looks like this:

  5. Send me a trade in any of the trading channels of:

    Discord User: Trazos_D#3983
    User ID: 173894736019587072

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    606694645740601355.gif.d4ff2ab7703efe4b33d5d84db750a1e5.gifTHE MARKET!606694645740601355r.gif.da6cc4b6adcd8e08b9db0b23731dae22.gif
    ᴹᵃʸᵇᵉ ⁿᵒᵗ*



    23692518_petcosmetics.gif.3883aab6db232684d2f03d91fc243e6c.gif  COSMETICS:

       1908990605_GreenTatsuWig.png.9c2bdffc3254ceb7ee89dbfbecd3c167.png        [500 k]  -Tatsu Wig1



     icon_housing.png.62c0bee8fcb1f56c3f3c0136bce503b0.png  FURNITURE:

    2019441492_BeachTowelWhite.png.a9e75e802a237005ed5ffb29575bdacd.png [300 k]  - White Beach Towel1

         730780703_PlushieUnicorn.png.61477c70c73dc9c34e3b5641d9d3da4f.png     [180 k]  - Unicorn Plushie1


    10001.png  BADGES:

    564422246_PhantomFeastWhiteCandy.png.c5065b39af0b18827f8833ad0a5e7892.png   [30 k]  -Phantom Feast White Candy1

    115640887_PhantomFeastFudgeCandy.png.5dbfaed3ec19c4db2dd307c6a88cc7dc.png   [30 k]  -Phantom Feast Fudge Candy1

    1255627984_PhantomFeastPumpkinCupcake.png.8e3e95ba76a8700c6429bbe8167640d1.png   [30 k]  -Phantom Feast Pumpkin Cupcake1


    1204863889_PixelSnowman.png.f09c869bead954502a4145b6d55e0aea.png   [30 k]  -Pixel Snowman1

    663489408_PixelStarlightStar.png.f61827d19ce3f44228ad2fd10a9be716.png   [30 k]  -Pixel Starlight Star1

    71443769_PixelStarlightBells.png.00a893ee82e669e64ede2c0c6d08a324.png   [30 k]  -Pixel Starlight Bells1


    1450910953_PixelCutlery.png.ab38b41f4aea0d317083e53745e74071.png    [30 k]  -Pixel Cutlery1

    310303115_PixelSpatula.png.8db7b536b5d0a2b6494ae37bc885034c.png    [30 k]  -Pixel Spatula1

    1238448879_PixelChefHat.png.cd82621276f64983b37c219623ee16ff.png    [30 k]  -Pixel Chef Hat1


    1023064839_SpringWreath.png.0d783312173e8e84257a44ffa06eaaee.png    [30 k]  -Spring Wreath1

    531433872_SpringStrawberry.png.c49faa58c602c302611cb6ca6ff22929.png    [30 k]  -Spring Strawberry1


    392881300_MochiLuckyCat.png.347aad579fae68991647adf4c815e08d.png    [30 k]  -Mochi Lucky Cat1

    274778150_MochiDrunkardCat.png.62f4cf417d793fa55ed33575dd22e812.png    [30 k]  -Mochi Drunkard Cat1

     0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  ➡️  Stock on sale

    Send me a trade in any of the trading channels of:

    Discord User: Trazos_D#3983
    User ID: 173894736019587072


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