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    Patch 0.63 - January Update! Kitchen Themed! 60+ new furni, pet cosmetics and more!


    Welcome the new year with a new kitchen!

    Patch 0.63 introduces a wide array of fresh new kitchen-themed furniture and cosmetics, as well as some new items that can be found from bringing your pets on walks. 

    Table of Contents

    1.0 New Kitchen Themed Furniture
    	1.1 Token-only Furniture and Furnishings
    	1.2 Permanent Credit Furniture
    2.0 Permanent Walk Items
    3.0 New Store Pet Cosmetics
    4.0 New Badges
    5.0 Monthly Vote Reward
    6.0 Supporter Rewards
    7.0 That's all for now

    1.0 New Kitchen Themed Furniture

    A set of cool new furniture pieces are now available. Create your very own kitchen!


    1.1 Token-only Furniture and Furnishings

    These token-only items will be in store permanently: 



    Kitchen Fridge

    Kitchen Bar Chair

    Kitchen Counter with Microwave

    Kitchen Bar Counter

    Decorated Kitchen Bar Counter

    Kitchen Wine Rack

    1.2 Permanent Credit Furniture

    These items have been permanently added to the store:







    Full Tiles Kitchen Wallpaper

    Half Tiles Kitchen Wallpaper

    Lightning Bolt

    Grey Lightning Bolt

    Purple Lightning Bolt

    Kitchen Tiles Flooring

    Checkered Kitchen Tiles Flooring

    Purple Circle Clay Flooring

    Turquoise Circle Clay Flooring

    Grey Dance Floor

    Kitchen Counter with Shelving

    Decorated Kitchen Counter with Shelving

    Kitchen Counter with Sink

    Full Kitchen Counter with Sink

    Kitchen Counter with Stove

    Trash Can

    Full Trash Can

    Kitchen Chair

    Kitchen Counter with Cabinets

    Decorated Kitchen Counter with Cabinets

    Wooden Stylish Dining Table

    Wooden Stylish Dining Table with Meal

    Wooden Stylish Dining Table with Tea

    Large Kitchen Counter

    Full Large Kitchen Counter

    Full Large Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen Cabinet

    Kitchen Glass Cabinet

    Kitchen Knives Display Rack

    Kitchen Pots Display Rack

    Kitchen Exhaust Hood

    2.0 Permanent Walk Items

    More goodies have been added to the drop pool for your pets to find when they go number two:





    Black Clover Cushion

    Cyan Clover Cushion

    Grey Clover Cushion

    Purple Wood Armed Couch

    White Wall Calendar

    Black Lightwood Armed Couch

    Purple Wall Calendar

    Floral Wall Picture

    Modern Wall Picture

    Long Black Coffee Table

    Long Brown Coffee Table

    White Lightwood Table

    Black Lightwood Table

    Brown Lightwood Table

    Bear Stool

    Round Silver Sunglasses

    Pink Rose

    Raging Blue Eyes

    3.0 New Store Pet Cosmetics

    These two token-only items be available to be the perfect complements to your kitchen-themed furniture:





    Dripping Pizza Bandana

    Pet Bib

    Chef Hat


    4.0 New Badges

    For this month, we're featuring a variety of different snacks and food in this set of badges:





    Blueberry Sundae Badge

    Fish & Chips Badge

    Salt & Pepper Crab Badge

    Fortune Cookies Badge

    Gyoza Badge

    Spaghetti Bolognese Badge

    Hanami Dango Badge

    Skewered Tteokbokki Badge

    Takoyaki Boat Badge

    Pepperoni Slice Pizza Badge

    Strawberry Macaron Badge

    Xiao Long Bao Badge

    Corn Dog Badge

    Pocky Bow Badge


    5.0 Monthly Vote Reward

    This month's vote reward is the amazingly cozy Panda Armchair! Don't you want to just sink your behind in it? Vote 72 times this month to get it!


    6.0 Supporter Rewards

    To complement the kitchen-themed items we've also prepared a special set of rewards for all supporters:




    7.0 That's all for now

    That's all for this update! Thank you to all players & admins for lending us your support, we'll see you in the next patch :)


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    Well, I seen that many items launched are non tradable and that is something as immoral !


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    On 1/15/2022 at 10:41 PM, apprentice#7402 said:

    Well, I seen that many items launched are non tradable and that is something as immoral !


    Items that are easily obtainable are generally not tradable (ex: event items or these 1 credit items) to prevent players from cheating by making new accounts to obtain more items (which was an issue in the first event, and one of the reasons it was changed).

    Edited by lilcat#0001

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