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  1. Items that are easily obtainable are generally not tradable (ex: event items or these 1 credit items) to prevent players from cheating by making new accounts to obtain more items (which was an issue in the first event, and one of the reasons it was changed).
  2. I think you're watching videos of the previous version of Tatsu, other languages are not yet supported on Tatsu v2.
  3. Crates, bags and capsules can all be accessed and opened through t!open
  4. You can use [email protected] to disable event encounters so you will not get regularly notified about those. You can disable specific commands with [email protected] (command name) if you want to stop your users from interacting with specific aspects of the bot. In your case it sounds like you only use specific commands, so you could whitelist your server (so commands don't work anywhere), and then whitelist specific commands in certain channels (so only those whitelisted commands can work in non-whitelisted channels, but no other commands will). This can be done through the website, under your server, under the relevant command.
  5. Currently, the lock command prevents you from accidentally "discarding" an item. When you inspect an item with t!item (name), you have the option to say "discard" to trash the item forever. If you lock the item beforehand, you will not be able to discard it. You can still use, open, equip or trade the item as usual.
  6. https://support.tatsu.gg/hc/en-us/articles/4403218031513-How-to-play-Tatsugotchi
  7. The submissions are private until voting begins. You can view other people's pets and houses for inspiration from the #show-off-your-tatsu-pet and #houses-and-daycares channels in the the server https://discord.gg/tatsu
  8. Use t!open to open crates, bags and capsules.
  9. I believe this issue has been resolved, please try again.
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