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  1. Suggestion Please add a layer order section to cosmetic placement menu. Eg: t!tg edit > active pet > place new cosmetic / edit placed cosmetic > choose slot > choose cosmetic > remove / move up a layer / move down a layer PS: Could you please fix the wording for the "place (or replace) pet cosmetic" option at the same time since it only places and doesn't replace anymore now that there are layers? Reason It is currently a hassle to play around with the layer order of cosmetics as you have to remove them all and add them all back in the right order. This would be a very nice addition for a smoother dress up flow. Username Kitty ?#0001
  2. Suggestion Please update the main house furniture and pet cosmetic placement menus to have the same flow as the daycare versions of them. I don't mean the free placement furniture grid because I know houses have set slots, I just mean allow us to place or remove an item then go back to menu and continue editing until you confirm all the changes. Reason It is painful to have to place or remove 1 item at a time and have to keep calling the menu again. The daycare system that lets you go back to menu between placing/removing items is a lot more fluid and fun to use. I feel like it makes the whole experience more enjoyable and encourages experimenting because of how easy it is to change your mind. Username Kitty ?#0001
  3. It's not a perfect answer to your suggestion but you can at least rename pets in daycare now. It is free to add pets to daycare and rename them. Use t!dc edit to add a pet or change the name of pets in daycare. Swap as many pets in and out as you like to name them all. The first 1x1 daycare is free so everyone has one that can hold at least 2 pets.
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