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  1. TOPIC TITLE: t!shop, t!house, t!tg edit(?): Pet Cosmetic and Wall Furniture Suggestions *Suggestion: 1) pet cosmetic: white Bandana(other colors would nice as well!) 2) wall furniture: something lit like torches or oil lamps *Reason: This should be implemented because both of them would be nice additions. Images: N/A *Username: Juli Z#7135 or <@630575130896236565>
  2. Suggestion: Tatsu players should have the ability to change between the cookie modifiers that they've already purchased in the past. [T!cookie] Reason: This should be implemented because there are times where people can want to give more or less cookies. Images: N/A Username: Juli Z#7135
  3. my ->for your -> nvm i just traded the pink bunny away
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