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  1. This has been implemented, you may now use the menu that pops up or t!<house/tg/meeko> <room number>, or 0 to display the entire house. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. "View entire storey" option has been moved to the bottom of the list, thanks for the suggestion.
  3. ok but only because funny number Edit: This has been implemented, thank you for the suggestion.
  4. Unless you mean the confirmation message after completing the command (in which case you would just need to use the command in the channel you want it to appear), it sounds like you have enabled score & points logging which is creating a separate notification message in your chosen channel. You can disable this setting on the dashboard under servers > your server > rewards & economy > score & points > points & score logs, by removing the channel listed. Alternatively, you could change the channel to one of your private logging channels in case you want to keep track of admins giving out score/points.
  5. You need to have administrator, or have a server role which has been assigned "Bot Manager Role" by the owner/an admin through the Dashboard > Settings module
  6. The t!score command (as a standalone command like t!points, not an alias for rank) has been implemented, thank you for the suggestion.
  7. The follow suggestion has been implemented to allow specifying the number of cookies to send with t!cookie (name) (number), though it's not possible to permanently remove or refund a purchased multiplier. https://community.tatsu.gg/topic/312-being-able-to-give-a-specific-number-of-cookies-by-having-a-multiplier/
  8. Meekos have been added to Tatsu and can now be created through https://tatsu.gg/game/character-creation
  9. Storey name max length has been extended to 25 characters.
  10. Tatsugotchi option has been renamed to "Add Cosmetic" and a new option has been added for "Replace", housing also allows replacing of furniture.
  11. t!event, t!arch and t!swap commands are now available and will remain so until the 14th of May (same as the event shop).
  12. Hello. The maximum number of votes you can get in a month with 30 days is 120 votes, if you vote consistently twice a day for both sites. 72 votes is 60% of that number. That means you can get the monthly vote reward in 18 days if you vote consistently, which is just over half a month. You can also vote just once a day (on both sites) for the entire month to reach 60 votes, then you would only need to vote a second time for 6 of those days to get the reward. In the past, the number has been changed if: The month has less days (February has 28 days), either or both of the voting sites have persistent issues which prevent users from voting (March). I don't see the issue in rewarding avid voters. Monthly rewards are a thank you for your dedication. Furthermore, there are lots of other voting rewards you can obtain, which roll over each month, so there is still a strong incentive to vote, regardless of the vote item. Luckily, people are often willing to sell or trade their vote items, so there are still plenty of opportunities for anyone to get the item.
  13. This has been implemented! Thank you for the suggestion.
  14. Thank you for letting us know! I've updated the links.
  15. Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, Tatsu does not own/control the voting websites, we simply implemented a reward system for users who choose to support the bot by voting for us on the websites. Both websites have a 12 hour cooldown between voting so that's not something we can change. There are a lot of issues with the voting websites, so we will probably remove these in future and implement our own reward system to replace voting that does not rely on external sites.
  16. Hi! There isn't currently a way to delete or reset your character, however we've implemented a toggle for displaying your character in your house. You can disable it via t!char edit
  17. Hey, thank you for your kind words! Means a lot to see player feedback and appreciation. More clothes for your avatar will become available in the shop and through walks and potentially other systems in future, but as you said, one step at a time
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