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  1. Hi, I want to suggest to make the rules more rigid on the selling and buying channels on Tatsu Lounge. At first everyone followed the rules (no duplicate ads, and no strikethrough text) but now the channels are clogged again with the same duplicate ads. I want suggest to: A. automatically moderate the channel with a bot (I don't know if it's possible) that check if there are any older post of the user. You can post ONE AD per channel (even if it's difficult for the bigger seller to group everything in one ad) or B. Check (manually) and more frequently if there are duplicates, and delete all the ads of the user if it's caught more than one time breaking the rules, or ban the user for a limited amount of time from the channels. Ty
  2. Hi, I want to suggest to add a feature to see a specific room of the house. I.e. "t!house user#1234" has the following result: and "t!house user#1234 room4" or "t!room user#1234 4" has the following result (even if the pet is not in the room): Thank you
  3. On Tatsu's Lounge the moderators said that the problem was fixed today, so from tomorrow it should be ok. ?
  4. T!daily was reset today (streak broken), but yesterday I sent my daily and I was at my 3rd streak. I attach screenshots I took today. YESTERDAY's daily TODAY's daily Thank you
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