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  1. My suggestion is to be able to give a more exact number of cookies so that you do not have to give the same number, for example: If you have the cookie multiplier x50, you don't have to give exactly 50, and this can help not alter the statistics of how many cookies you give and receive. Here is a small example:
  2. This is an idea that I think is very good, so it makes it easier for users to change the theme of their home with a few clicks. ?
  3. I like the idea, as you say, it is an incentive to train / walk with the pets. Also and as a way to contribute to your idea, they could implement a system of "training", example: easy, medium or hard training. I hope it is added, good luck! ?
  4. Offer the possibility of being able to modify your house and pet accessories from the web page, as happens with the profile / rank cards.
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