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    Patch 0.64 - February Update! Cute Pastel Theme! 60+ new furniture, pet cosmetics and more!


    Go UwU with the new Cute Pastel theme!

    Patch 0.63 introduces a wide array of adorably new cute pastel-themed furniture and cosmetics, as well as some new items that can be found from bringing your pets on walks. 

    Table of Contents

    1.0 New Cute Pastel Themed Furniture
    	1.1 Token-only Furniture and Furnishings
    	1.2 Permanent Credit Furniture and Furnishings
    2.0 New Walk Items
    3.0 New Store Pet Cosmetics
    4.0 Cute Crate
    5.0 New Badges
    6.0 (Almost) Free Toilet Furniture
    7.0 Monthly Vote Reward
    8.0 Supporter Rewards
    9.0 That's all for now!

    1.0 New Cute Pastel Themed Furniture

    A set of cool new furniture pieces are now available. Create your very own pastel pet playroom!


    1.1 Token-only Furniture and Furnishings

    These token-only items will be in store permanently: 



    Bubblegum Polka Dot Carpet

    Criss-Cross White Wood Flooring

    White Wood Flooring with Fuzzy Pink Carpet Spot

    Striped Pink, Blue and White Wallpaper

    Baby Blue Dotted Wallpaper

    Pastel Pink Heart-Patterned Wallpaper

    Bubblegum Polka Dot Wallpaper

    Simple Pastel Pink Wallpaper

    White Heart Pet Bed

    Cloud Wall Hanger

    1.2 Permanent Credit Furniture and Furnishings

    These items have been permanently added to the store:




    Brown Wall Divider

    White Wall Divider

    Brown Wall Divider with Glass

    White Wall Divider with Glass

    White Floor Lantern

    White Carpet

    White Wooden Bed

    2.0 New Walk Items

    More goodies have been added to the drop pool for your pets to find in their biological waste:





    Cyan Chair

    Purple Chair

    Blue Chair

    Pink Scratching Post

    White Scratching Post

    Empty Grey Helpdesk

    Empty White Helpdesk

    Blue Wall Calendar

    Hanging Purple Shirt

    Hanging Red Shirt

    3.0 New Store Pet Cosmetics

    These three adorable token-only items will emphasize your pets' cuteness:




    Pink Chocolate Box Mask

    Rose Bouquet

    Pink Heart Earrings

    4.0 Cute Crate


    We've added a Cute Crate containing all new cute pastel-colored items which will be available for a limited time only.

    Each crate drops 1 random item from the list below. You can purchase the crate for 450 tokens each at https://tatsu.gg/shops

    (Note: Every item in the crate has the same chance of dropping and are all the same rarity!)

    If you would like to trade crate items, feel free to join our Discord Server and visit the trading channel: https://discord.gg/tatsu







    Round White Cat-Shaped Pet Bed

    Round White Pet Bed

    Round Table with White Tablecloth

    Date Night Table

    Pink and Blue Horizontal Striped Lamp

    Pink and Blue Vertical Striped Lamp

    Plain White Lamp

    Pink Heart Chair

    Wooden White Heart Chair

    White Heart-Shaped Coffee Table

    White Heart-Shaped Coffee Table with Decorations

    Pink Heart-Shaped Stool

    Heart Topiary with Blue Ribbon

    Heart Topiary with Green Ribbon

    Blank Canvas

    Easel with Green Landscape Painting

    Easel with Pink Landscape Painting

    Pet Bowl with Mat

    Pink Piano Stool

    White Piano Stool

    Pink Rose Bush in White Vase

    Pink Bedside Bench

    Fancy White Vanity

    White Piano

    White Valentine's Day Piano

    Stylish Pastel Bed

    Stylish Blue Divan

    Wooden Heart Wall Sign

    White Heart Wall Sign

    Modern Wall Light

    Wall Planter

    Rose Wall Planter



    5.0 New Badges

    For this month, we're featuring a variety of different traditional asian-themed badges as a nod to Lunar New Year happening this month, made by the lovely KosukeRyoko!:




    Kosuke Traditional Asian Shoe Badge

    Kosuke Chara Hairpin Badge

    Kosuke Balance Charm Badge

    Kosuke Feng Shui Coin Badge

    Kosuke Traditional Fan Badge

    Kosuke Handscroll Painting Badge

    Kosuke Incense Burner Badge

    Kosuke Traditional Mahjong Badge

    Kosuke Traditional Pagoda Badge

    Kosuke Sakura Badge 

    Kosuke Traditional Teapot Badge

    Kosuke Torii Gate Badge

    Kosuke Wind Chime Badge

    Kosuke Wu Lou Badge

    Kosuke Carnival Lion Mask Badge

    Cupid Corgi Badge

    Valentine's Messenger Kitten Badge

    Red Rosy Panda Badge

    6.0 (Almost) Free Toilet Furniture!

    To commemorate our recent victories, we're releasing some toilet-themed furniture for only 1 credit per item! We couldn't have done it without you! 

    Do take note that these items are untradeable and will only be available for the next 2 months, so get them while they're still in stock!




    Brown Bathroom Tiles

    White Bathroom Tiles

    White and Brown Bathroom Tiles

    White Bathroom Sink

    White Toilet

    White Toilet with Lid Up

    Modern Bathtub

    White Bathroom Mirror

    White Towel Rack

    White and Brown Bathroom Wall Tiles


    7.0 Monthly Vote Reward

    This month's vote reward is the adorable White Head Kitty! We heard you like pets, so you can now have a pet on top of your pet! Vote 72 times this month to get it!


    8.0 Supporter Rewards

    To complement the kitchen-themed items we've also prepared a special set of rewards for all supporters:

    9.0 That's all for now

    That's all for this update! Thank you to all players & admins for lending us your support, we'll see you in the next patch :)


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    I'm looking for the toilet stuff,  but it's not in the shop, i wonder if they're still fixing it

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