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    Patch 0.65 - March Update! Planetarium Theme! 60+ new furniture, pet cosmetics and more!


    Uncover the wonders of Space with the cool Planetarium theme!

    Patch 0.65 introduces the cool Planetarium theme and a Space Cosmetic Bag for your pets, as well as some new items that can be found from bringing your pets on walks. 

    Table of Contents

    1.0 New Planetarium Themed Furniture
    	1.1 Token-only Furniture and Furnishings
    2.0 New Walk Items
    3.0 New Store Pet Cosmetic
    4.0 Space Cosmetic Bag
    5.0 New Badges
    6.0 Monthly Vote Reward
    7.0 Supporter Rewards
    8.0 Housing and Bot Updates
    9.0 That's all for now!

    1.0 New Space Themed Furniture

    A set of cool new furniture pieces are now available. Create your very own planetarium!


    1.1 Token-only Furniture and Furnishings

    These token-only items will be in store permanently: TokenFurni01.png.e41d2fc1adc3a9c5ca7909a8f96da891.png




    Milky Way Flooring

    Space Flooring

    Constellation Wall

    Space Wall

    Moon Lamp

    Solar System Stand

    Polished Round Table with Pamphlets

    Polished Round Table

    Theater Chair

    Mission Control Desk

    Galaxy Coffee Table

    Set of Theater Chairs

    Comet Poster

    Blue Star String Lights

    Colorful Star String Lights

    Purple Star String Lights

    2.0 New Walk Items

    More goodies have been added to the drop pool for your pets to find in their biological waste:



    Wooden Metal Chair

    Blue Metal Chair

    Brown Metal Chair

    Black Padded Armrest Chair

    Blue Padded Armrest Chair

    Cyan Padded Armrest Chair

    Darkwood Fishtank

    Gold-Trimmed Grey Table

    Black Arcade Machine

    Empty Black Helpdesk

    3.0 New Store Pet Cosmetic

    This flashy token-only item will make your pet positively glow:




    Starry Earrings

    4.0 Cosmic Cosmetic Bag


    We've added a Cosmic Cosmetic Bag containing all new space-themed pet cosmetics which will be available for a limited time only.

    Each bag drops 1 random item from the list below. You can purchase the bag for 450 tokens each at https://tatsu.gg/shops

    (Note: Every item in the bag has the same chance of dropping and are all the same rarity!)

    If you would like to trade bag items, feel free to join our Discord Server and visit the trading channel: https://discord.gg/tatsu






    Alien Eyes

    Galaxy Sunglasses

    Moon Eyes

    Alien Antennas

    Galaxy Snapback

    Saturn Cap

    Alien Tentacles

    Moon Pin

    Saturn Pin

    Green Collar Tag

    Orange LED Collar

    White Rimmed Galaxy Sunglasses

    Half Moon Eyes

    Earth Mask

    Jupiter Mask

    Mars Mask

    Mercury Mask

    Neptune Mask

    Saturn Mask

    Sun Mask

    Uranus Mask

    Venus Mask

    Tin Foil Hat

    Starry Headband

    Space Scarf

    Pluto Mask


    5.0 New Badges

    For this month, we're featuring a variety of different space themed badges!




    Mini Purple Bot Badge 

    Sandman Bot Badge

    Bot Seedling Badge

    Black Soldier Bot Badge

    Blue Soldier Bot Badge

    Green Cyber Girl Badge

    Red Cyber Girl Badge

    Cyber Patrol Badge

    Alien Badge

    Astronaut Badge

    Saturn Badge

    UFO Badge

    Lift Off Badge

    Mars Mission Badge

    Advanced Shuttle Badge

    Shuttle Launch Badge

    Space Debris Badge


    6.0 Monthly Vote Reward

    This month's vote reward is the fancy Stumpy Glass Table! It's the perfect combination of nature and manmade goodness! Vote 72 times this month to get it!


    7.0 Supporter Rewards

    To complement the space-themed items we've also prepared a special set of rewards for all supporters:


    8.0 Housing and Bot Updates

    Part of our latest patch update includes some cool new features and bug fixes!


    You can now do more customized decorations in your house with the free 4x4 slot editing for ground furniture! Wall slots have also been adjusted to give way for more wall furniture in each room. The house editing menu has been conveniently rearranged to resemble the daycare editing menu for improved consistency.

    We've fixed a bug in messages without embeds to ensure correct sending and added "redeem" as a keyword for claiming quest rewards, i.e., t!quests [claim | redeem]. Finally, toilet items and furniture are back! You can find them once again in the Tatsu shop on your browser or in the t!shop command.


    9.0 That's all for now

    That's all for this update! Thank you to all players & admins for lending us your support, we'll see you in the next patch :)



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