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    Supporter Items for August 2021


    Hi all! Supporter items for the month of August 2021 are now available! This time around we asked you to choose which beach-themed items you would like to receive as supporter rewards and the results have been finalized!

    Winning Supporter Items

    • Blue and White Striped Hammock 2x1 Furniture
    • Ice Cream Stand 1x1 Furniture
    • Splattered Mint Ice Cream Pet Cosmetic

    Additional Items

    • Turritella Shell Badge
    • Nautilus Shell Badge
    • Cockle Shell Badge
    • Triton Shell Badge


    The items that didn't make it, including the iron fire pit and the beach flooring, have been added to the store as part of a set of beach-themed items which you can find in the latest update here:

    How to claim your supporter rewards?

    All supporters can claim the rewards by checking your mail using the t!mail command.

    Note: The reward mail for these items expires on the 31st of August so please claim them by that date.

    Thank you for supporting our development and we hope you enjoy these items! 


    For non-supporters, we've also added a bunch of new credit and token furniture to the store so check out the summertime update at the link above!

    If you would like to support Tatsu's development, please consider subscribing here: https://tatsu.gg/supportus

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    That'S the thing about Tatsu: there is always something new and from what I can tell Devs listen 2 what ppl would like to become a supporter - as if Tatsu doesn't offer enough already and everybody who can would want to get the entire dev team coffee so they never need to take another 6 to 12 hour nap or clean boots instead of inventing stuff. I still call myself noob as my attention hasn't lasted long enough to work thru all the possible cmds and things after running my pet around the house 4 the fifth time a day (aka whenever I can fit it in even tho my rl has returned to almost full activity level - but hey, can't neglect my new cat), but even I felt the need 2 **support** officially this month just to snoop in :D And you can - snoop that is - not everybody is able to pay understandingly and the Dev team seems rly ok with that and focused on making basic features as enjoyable as handing out goodies 4 those that can support development aka Tatsu learning new things. And with the trading - whether u can support or not - u still have a chance of finding the goodies from sellers once u have been active enough to have earned the funds that is lol But then there r also many kind and fun people who just enjoy the community and may gift what they dont need - I think that's the kind of kindness that i enjoy the most. For  all the negativity and toxic ppl online - Tatsu can help bring out the other too and that is really worth more than anything else?

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    Alright finally have been motivated 2 test supporter (since I cant simply treat 2 cup of coffee) but after commenting every blog entry I am now exhausted and Wizzzbrain has no more funny ideas. Besides only thing resonating with me is putting icecream on someones head 2 chill them lol
    rest I will hand over 2 make someone else happy...

    I have been such a good Wizzz on here

    Can I now pls have a croissant and some hot chocolate cause its summer and freezing rn and I cant feel my hands anymore from all this typing and my butt is hurting from sitting still....
     pretty pls?

    Wizzz over and out!


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    On 3/8/2021 at 05.52, toximurav#9301 said:


    Cool, give me more badge ^^

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    On 8/2/2021 at 8:37 PM, Tuba-san#0001 said:



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