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  1. Yea. Would be useful if you want to rotate pets and have a lot of them but don't want complete rng.
  2. I mean you can't buy them but yea, a different flavour text would be nice (esp for people who aren't using them at level 1)
  3. Don't agree with the why part, I don't mind that other people have a lot of floaties. But I think these ones are cute and would be nice furniture items.
  4. Perhaps one day we will be employed in tatsu
  5. Yes, they are in the shop.
  6. Prices are fixed, but if you would like to trade an item for another one, please contact me. In brackets next to the item name, the quantity available for sale of each item is specified () All items are shown in the image Pets: Green Guinea Turaco (1) - 45k Cosmetics: Black Bandana (1) - 5k Green Bandana (1) - 5k Red Ribbon (2) - 20k Blue Gamer Monocle (1) - 20k Wizard Hat (1) - 30k Furniture: 1x1 slot: Red Metal Folding Chair (1) - 5k Brown Scratching Post - 6k Purple Circle Table (1) - 13k 1x2 slot: Light wooden table (1) - 2k Blue Loveseats (1): 3k Orange couch (2) - 4k each Big Dresser (2) - 4k each Big Maple Dresser (1) - 4k Grey couch (1) - 4k Grey wood armed couch (1) - 5k Green Couch (1) - 5k Unique Items: Train set (1) - 500k (1x2 furniture item) Spaceship flooring (1) - 300k (flooring)
  7. Or maybe remove the old store items from walks entirely. I'm tired of finding old walk items. Especially now that old cosmetics are walk only items.
  8. Very good suggestion. I agree with this. Especially since crates are limited time only and altho we have 2 months, it will be difficult to buy so much limited time stuff with tokens.
  9. ???????????????????????????????????????????????
  10. I would love to throw more stuff at people. Maybe banana peels (◍‒ᴗ‒◍) ☞☜
  11. I don't have time to train my pet, so this buff would essentially be useless to me. Compared to that pet exp bottle, big or small, is more convenient for me. So i feel no reason to give up something convenient and less time consuming for myself.
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