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  1. The winners have been decided! Thousands of you voted for your favorite pets, daycares and houses and the results are out! Some entries came really close to each other (Within 2% vote differences) so we've also decided to award a 4th place for those entries. 1.0 Ghastly Pets Winners 1.1 Cat Category First Place: -`, Arian ˎˊ-'s Coco Second Place: gogo#9999's GamerCat69 Third Place: vira k.#0775's majo Fourth Place: I love the Human Rally :nod:'s Rally-Chan 1.2 Dog Category First Place: Everything's good's shelter Second Place: Yepyep's Vermin Third Place: DeepSleep#6969's Magnus 1.3 Bird Category First Place: kelz's qanuk Second Place: Lizdiz's Hades Third Place: Bambi#0001's Raven 1.4 Fox Category First Place: Dragonhearted#2807's Nova Second Place: Deniak#4821's Yae Third Place: Simmy♡#0001's Chupacabra Fourth Place: John's Caerbannog 2.0 Haunted Houses 2.1 Small House First Place: ʚïɞRilakkuma☆#1556's house Second Place: Pixies#4851's house Third Place: Cintia A♡#5395's house 2.2 Large House First Place: Jeyy's house Second Place: Evelien#9460's house Third Place: Juli Z#7135's house 2.3 Small Daycare First Place: hikaru's daycare Second Place: Mehran's daycare Third Place: Toasty#2913's daycare 2.2 Medium Daycare First Place: Code#3900's daycare Second Place: Hiki Ackerman#0260's daycare Third Place: Ayre's daycare 2.2 Large Daycare First Place: Simmy♡#0001's daycare Second Place: Dex✘x#4435's daycare Third Place: reni's daycare 2.2 Extra Large Daycare First Place: DeepSleep#6969's daycare Second Place: cathowl#1983's daycare Third Place: ミア#8888's daycare Congratulations to all winners! Rewards for winners and shortlisted entries will be sent out in the next 24 hours. If you weren't shortlisted, fret not - There will be more in the future! Thank you to everyone for your submissions, we wish you the best for future competitions.
  2. Voting for the shortlisted entries is now open until the 26th of October! Visit this link to vote for your favorite submissions! Everyone who votes for submissions and completes the form will receive 5000 credits after the event concludes. https://forms.gle/a71QDF8jEDyqBK2T9 Ghastly Pets, Haunted Houses The spirits have spoken! For too long, they've existed in an afterlife devoid of style. Now they call upon all adventurers willing to listen: "We seek a pet best dressed for the ghastly occasion and an abode suitably decorated for a spooky master!" Join the spooky decoration contest from the 14th to the 21st of October and win to be rewarded with tokens, credits and special event-winner-only command tags! 1.0 Ghastly Pets Click this link to submit your pet for the competition: https://forms.gle/svzZ68CR4aoW3goA9 1.1 Competition Rules & Information Dress up your pet - The theme is spooky, ghastly or anything Phantom-Feast themed You can use any pet cosmetic you want You can only submit one pet The pet you submit must be your currently active pet in house or in a daycare You can get your pet's picture by editing cosmetics in your daycare/house and saving the image Pets will be judged in their own categories (eg. cats will be judged with cats, dogs with dogs etc) 6 pets of each type will be shortlisted for voting on 22nd of October Submissions close on 21st of October Phantom Feast 2021 Ghastliest Pet Tag Equipped command tags will show up when you use most commands! 1.2 Prizes First Place: 3000 Tokens 100000 Credits Ghastly Pet 2021 Command Tag Winners: 4 (One for each type of pet) Second Place: 1500 Tokens 75000 Credits Ghastly Pet 2021 Command Tag Winners: 4 (One for each type of pet) Third Place: 800 Tokens 50000 Credits Ghastly Pet 2021 Command Tag Winners: 4 (One for each type of pet) Shortlisted for Voting: 500 Tokens 25000 Credits Winners: 12 (Three for each type of pet) 2.0 Haunted Houses Click here to submit your house or daycare for the competition: https://forms.gle/QXR1UqbY89wk7oSZA 2.1 Competition Rules & Information Decorate your house with spooky Phantom-Feast themed livery You can use any furniture piece you want You can only submit one house or daycare (eg. if you submit a house, you can't submit a daycare) You can only submit your own work 6 entries from each category will be shortlisted for voting on 22nd of October Submissions close on 21st of October Phantom Feast 2021 Spooky House Owner Tag Equipped command tags will show up when you use most commands! 2.1 Judging Categories Similarly sized houses will be judged in the same category. Below are a list of categories for the housing competition: Category A: 1x1 and 2x1 and 1x2 Houses Category B: 2x2 Houses Category C: 1x1 and 1x2 and 2x1 Daycares Category D: 2x2 and 2x3 and 3x2 Daycares 2.2 Prizes First Place: 3000 Tokens 100000 Credits Haunted Houses 2021 Command Tag Winners: 4 (One for each category) Second Place: 1500 Tokens 75000 Credits Haunted Houses 2021 Command Tag Winners: 4 (One for each category) Third Place: 800 Tokens 50000 Credits Haunted Houses 2021 Command Tag Winners: 4 (One for each category) Shortlisted for Voting: 500 Tokens 25000 Credits Winners: 12 (Three for each category) We wish you all the best for the competition - Voting for shortlisted submissions will start on the 21st of October, see you then!
  3. Hi all! It's been busy the past few months! We've been building the community site in our spare time and today we're officially bringing the new Tatsu Labs site live, upgrading our Discord server & implementing new changes to the community! New Community Site News & Special Notices We will be moving off Medium and onto our own article system so we can display and manage articles without the limitations of a third-party platform. Articles, news & special notices can now be posted in rich-text format (and crossposted on the main website as well, with ease.) Trading Forums This is a new avenue for other players to post, view and interact with people outside of Tatsu's Lounge. The trading forum will allow you to find new prospective buyers & sellers, not limited by the people within the Lounge server. Suggestions & Bug Reports We've moved the suggestions & bug reports to the forums in order to make discussions more conducive. Currently on the Lounge, suggestions are constantly being pushed up by newer suggestions; This does not allow proper discussion for suggestions. With this change we can expect more popular suggestions to be upvoted and controversial ones to receive proper discussion before we decide to implement or reject them. You can upvote a suggestion to signify that you would like a particular feature to be implemented. Weekly Team Blog The devlog something we tried but always failed to keep up with. Some of the main reasons include: Inadequate platform for writing updates Lack of integration with our main site Time We wanted to focus on development without the overhead of posting update articles (writing and sending them out takes time). With the launch of Tatsu Labs, creating and posting articles is now easier. Weekly team blogs will resume next week and we hope this will give you a better insight into development. The rest of the post below only apply to members of our Discord server Tatsu's Lounge. Tatsu's Lounge Discord Server Over the years, Tatsu's Lounge has always been seen as more of a bot support server rather than a community. We recognize that over time, a larger community has built up around our support server and with this latest update, we're looking to provide a better experience for the people who reside on Tatsu's Lounge. New Server Rewards 40+ new server items have been added to the Tatsu's Lounge rewards store. You can purchase them for Lounge Bucks, which can be earned by talking on our Discord server or through community events. Link here: https://tatsu.gg/server/173184118492889089/store Novelties Novelties are items that show up mini icons in your role list. Role Colors Some community requested role colors were also added to the server store. Purchase a role color and equip the role to color your name on the Lounge. Equipping Roles Colors & Novelties 26d7fec23eca4814b97703d1da14bb9d.mp4 1) Open your inventory using the "t!inv" command 2) Select Server Items 3) Search for the role color or novelty you bought 4) Type "use" to equip / unequip the role or novelty Accolades These 9 new rank-card equippable items are now available from within the server store. Accolades can be equipped by going to the Tatsu's Lounge server page and clicking on "Edit Card" Link here: https://tatsu.gg/server/173184118492889089 Role Dividers You can obtain four different role dividers to help clean up your role list at the #roles-and-rewards channel. Simply react to the corresponding emoji to receive the role divider. New Community Guidelines We've recently uncovered an incident of predatory behavior on the Lounge and banned the perpetrators. In light of those events we are opting to institute new rules to prevent such situations from ever happening again. No solicitation of personally identifiable information The internet is not a safe place, and is definitely not one where you should readily trust others with your Personally Identifiable Information. This includes names, addresses, pictures, and any other information that can be used to identify you. The Lounge community rules have been updated to explicitly disallow any form of solicitation for selfies, information and other types of PII. We're implementing this new rule to ensure the safety of minors and at-risk people in our community. Please notify a moderator or member of staff if anyone attempts to solicit any personal information from you. Staff Conduct We would also like take this time to make clear the conduct that the Staff members of Tatsu's Lounge should adhere to so you know the standards to which we uphold our community moderation team. Staff will treat users with respect and fairness. When dealing with rule breaking, staff will issue punishments appropriate to the level of offense. Staff will do their best not to escalate conflicts. Staff will use their best judgement to foster a healthy chat environment. If you believe a staff member is acting counter to these values, please do not hesitate to contact @Esja#0001 or @Dabido#0001 privately on Discord. Summary That is all for this community update! If you haven't already, you can follow our Twitter account or join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/tatsu
  4. Hi all! Recently, in commemoration of Discord's 6th birthday the Tatsu's Lounge Discord community participated in Project Blurple's Canvas event! Project Blurple 2021 For those not in the know, Blurple Canvas is an event where each person can only place one pixel on the board every 30 seconds. Over the span of 5 days, lounge members collectively placed more than 15,000 pixels on the blurple canvas. We drew pets, decorations and left our appreciation for Discord on a board shared by many other communities. This year was also extra special as we had some members from Ayana bot help us out with coordinating our drawings! Our corner is on the bottom right Event Participation Rewards As a result of the efforts of those who helped draw on the canvas, all Tatsu users will be receiving 360 Ancient Coins in their mail! You can spend these coins for an item in the expedition store by using t!shop. Of course, all participants and coordinators will also be receiving extra AC in a separate mail as a token of appreciation! Expedition Store Profile Tags Pet Cosmetics Housing System Badges Summary Thank you to everyone for another year on Discord, we hope to continue supporting you for the years to come!
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