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  1. It seems the forums are dead, do the developers read this or is it strictly for the community? Thought this was be a brilliant idea to improve a community to have more chatter. :/
  2. This suggestion is for Rewards & Economy > Leveled Roles The bot needs a way to make someone lose roles/points if the user isn't active and or doesn't type in chat anymore. Maybe if the user is inactive in chat for x amount of minutes, hours or even days. The bot will remove x amount of points from you each day and then all your rewarded roles will be removed upon going under the reward limit. All of this can be customized for the specific server, the Admin can either turn on this feature or turn it off. Although upon acitvating it, the Admin can change how much xp gets lost per inactive day. For example: Remove 1,000 XP if user is inactive for 5 days. If user isn't active after 5 days, continue removing 1k XP per day.
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