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  1. So when viewing a daycare, I have come across the issue of my pets in said daycare often obscuring some of the furniture I'm trying to view. I just finished making a cat café this month, and I have 9 cats in it. I am now adding small touches here and there like decorations. Problem is, with 9 cats, it's a bit hard to see sometimes. And removing them is not fun because then they lose all the cosmetics equipped. It could take me half an hour just replacing pets and their cosmetics if I remove them all. I've done it twice now and I really would not prefer to do it a third. So being able to somehow view a daycare without pets inside if there are any would be really useful and less stressful than losing 30 minutes of your time just because you couldn't see if you placed a table and chair correctly.
  2. The ability for a tatsugotchi wearing cosmetics to not have them removed if placed in daycare or nursery or moved to a different daycare. More of a QoL suggestion than anything else. Kek this is now a feature.
  3. The current types of Tatsugotchi are currently Birds, Cats, and Dogs, and although others would like other animals as pets, how they would be organized is always brought up. Current Working Idea: Rodent section (hamsters, rats, mice, capybaras, gerbils, guinea pigs, duprasi, (fat-tailed gerbil), chincilla, chipmunks, degus, flying squirrels, etc) Reptile section (turtles, salamanders, geckos, axolotl, etc) Large Mammal section (pets like panda bears, black bears, horses/ponies, etc) Exotic section (for creatures like foxes, koalas, red pandas, bats, possibly some insects like butterflies) Just a thought. Update: Foxes are now added as of Sept. 1st, 2021
  4. This may be a bit of a hefty task, but I thought I would suggest it for consideration: I find editing housing can be quite tedious having to place/remove one thing at a time, especially if you just bought one of the new houses with multiple rooms, so I had the thought of having a part of the site made for an interactive version of housing. You could drag and drop the furniture and edit it in a more interactive and efficient way, and maybe even interact with your Tatsugotchi there as well. Again, this seems to be a more involved and complicated task instead of a simple one, but I felt it was worth suggesting. Username: Anonymouse#3759
  5. Note: I wasn't sure if I should post this suggestion in the rewards section or not. I feel an easier way to know if an item is tradeable would be in its tags on the site's personal inventory page, as having to look it up through commands can be quite tedious if you have a lot of items to check. This would make it easier to know what can be traded and what cannot, as the Starlight Festival had a lot of items that turned out to be untradeable, but there was a small handful that were, but they weren't obvious. Username: 鈴原名#3759
  6. Celestial Rift Shop Furniture Grey Couch -- 2k Grey Loveseat -- 2k White Loveseat (×2) -- 2k Brown Chair -- 1k Wooden Metal Table -- 1k Calendar -- 1k Grey Coffee Table -- 2k Big Maple Dresser -- 2k Cosmetics Brown Feather Hat -- 8k Misc Blushing Penguin Badge -- 9k Swimmer Penguin Badge -- 9k SALES NOTES Items under 2k are non-negotiable Accepted forms of payment: Pet food (items 5k and under) 50=1k | 100=2k Swaps DM/Ping in #trading-chat for negotiations Lounge Bucks at 1:10 ratio Ad is updated after every processed trade Psst, I buy things too
  7. Regarding carers for Tatsugotchi, it'd be nice to stack them (i.e. be able to have one out, but buy another to add to the timer), even if there needs to be a limit, it'd be one less thing to worry about every week, or even when the timer is about to run out and be able to add on the bought carers instead of waiting for them to expire.
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