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  1. I thought it'd be a cool feature to allow users when creating items to choose a true/false option for making an item "throwable" which would allow the t!throw command to become relevant once again. Seems like such a waste since I seen the command on command list and have been trying to figure out how to make it work by creating a few different type of items for the shop and what not, until i found out from server that it was only a limited time sort of command from around christmas time, which could still be done by giving out free snowballs to community around the holiday instead of them having to purchase them from store, they can just go to store and pick some up. The system is already basically setup for this, just a matter of basically adding a checkbox for whether or not this item is "throwable" which i believe would get more people buying from the shop because they'd have to replenish whatever items they were throwing, and also creates room for new games to be created whether by community or developers involving throwable items. Can even use the embed feature to create a description of the "thrown" objects effect on 'target' which can include an image via embed or even a .gif clip of some sort showing the event in action. I think its a pretty decent idea and a possibly really fun command that isnt being wasted at the moment. This is just a basic concept I thought of while trying to get the command to work so even if the developers wanted to take more time to brainstorm on ways to make this idea or concept even better or more entertaining then that'd be even better. Or could even add a new command which describes user making a snowball themselves which supplies the inventory and enables them to start throwing it at another users (ie: t!snowball make #1-10 ... this would add x amount of snowballs to inventory for user to then use with the t!throw command) And possibly even add in a random factor like how the dice or coin flip command works and make it where sometimes your throw will miss it's target instead of always hitting it too, that could make it a lil more interesting and allow for members to have somewhat 'realistic' snowball fights through the bot where a bunch of users get together on teams and see who can take out the other team first... this would probably require a cooldown feature with the throw command or instead of allowing users to make multiple snowballs with the 'make snowball' command, they can only make one at a time and it also has a cooldown timer and possibly even same randomization feature to it where occasionally the snowball falls apart in your hands as your attempting to form it into an appropriate size and shape to throw. I attached some images as examples of how I tried creating items to use for throwing and the result when i used the embed feature to see how it came out and get an idea of what other results could be possible Hope you guys enjoy my idea and even more so that any other users will think its a pretty cool/fun idea to implement and start using as soon as possible! - Thank You
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