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  1. I did make it clear the bug was in t!tg catch. Thank you for the alternative method t!tg shop catch.
  2. It does not give me the option to change payment. I select the basic catcher as #1 and it auto-declines. Please adviss.
  3. Bug Description: In order to purchase a basic pet catcher you need either 20,000 credits or 400 tokens. However, if you do not have enough credits, it does not automatically switch to Tokens it denies the purchase saying I don't have enough credits. Expected Behavior: Since I have over 400 tokens, I expected to be able to purchase the basic catcher with those tokens. Steps to reproduce: Make sure your wallet shows enough tokens but not enough credits for Basic catcher purchase. Type "t!tg catcher", type the number 1 for Basic Pet Catcher. It should then respond with Unable to Catch Pet You do not have enough credits to catch a pet! You currently have 7173 credits, but you need 20000 credits! Troubleshooting: I tried adding tokens at the end of the command t!tg catcher and I checked my balance. Workaround: No, I have not found a workaround for this. Discord username: Caterose#1753
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