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  1. the instructions are spooky stoopit ... it literally says "on discord, use the t!throw command to throw pumpkin pies: t!throw @username" next thing you see is tatsu telling me that I "don't have <the user I mentioned> in my inventory to throw!" uhm, okay?
  2. ... also the screenshots look fine before uploading, idk what happens to the bold text there edit: it's a rendering issue, when clicking (+) while viewing an attachment it shows the unaffected original image
  3. hi, reporting a t!mail bug / mislinked command as described below. selecting [1] Back to Mailbox (*) while viewing a mail: unexpectedly redirects to the Standard Mail menu: instead of the Mailbox Menu as anticipated: hence the user is trapped in the Standard Mail section with no way of getting back to the mailbox commands. this should either be corrected with a redirection fix, or else when viewing any mail there should be 3 options: [1] Back to Mail List (aka Standard Mail) [2] Back to Mailbox (*) [3] Delete Message (*) capitalization fixed cheers! PS: in Preview Mode of this editor the font color changes to black rendering text almost unreadable
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