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  1. Given the choices of material to work with, it's going to be difficult to find a truly creepy Tatsugotchi or a truly scary house or daycare. I hope the judges can work with what they have. Any place I can go to see the other contestants?
  2. Well, now that I'm IN THE LOUNGE( !!! ), I think that will get solved pretty quickly. I hope I don't bugger things up.
  3. Sweet. I'm in. Just waiting for the ten minutes to lapse.
  4. The Phantom Feast has been rather a feast for me, I must say. I've gobbled up pretty much everything I could afford, and am now working on building a larger area for a graveyard, for my Tatsugotchi to romp in. I've taken one of my daycares, and turned it into a storage room for all the boring stuff, and am expanding the house for more room for the Hallowe'en furniture and wall decorations. Superb.
  5. I seem to be in servers without a taste for any Tatsugotchi fun. I go all over, and find nothing but empty houses for my Tatsugotchi to sit in, so there's no trick or treat to be had. Can anyone suggest a more Phantom Feast Friendly group of servers that I can explore before the event is over? Given that I have the name DOKTOR G'HUL, you may guess that I'm very into the spooky and creepy, so is there anywhere I can go play with Boris and find like minded Tatsugotchi owners??
  6. I seem to be stuck at episode 5. Is this related to the "stuck at episode 2 " bug that's been noted? Hmmm?
  7. I have to say that the added furniture and such are interesting, but I would, very much, like to see more unusual and interesting walls floors and furniture. I'm a great fan of science fiction and horror, and would be interested in seeing the possibility of building a mad scientist's lair, a room or full house that resembles the ADDAMS FAMILY home or even a generic haunted house, a starship bridge, or such. That's why I kept what small pieces of the Greench's home that I could ( his walls , floor, chair, and so forth ) because that's the closest you've ever come to offering the kind of home I would prefer to live in, not this generic Wal-Mart home. Please consider offering a goth home, a mad scientist's lair, a starship room, or a lair akin to the EC Crypt Keeper.
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