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  1. For the 2022 Halloween event, I'm hoping for something a bit more Halloween of old, and a bit less cutesey or Disney-esque. The world is becoming too safe, too easily offended or affronted, and it's wearisome. Tiresome, in fact.
  2. Is there going to BE a way to reset the meeko once you've made it, and when will the non-game related clothing and accessories be available?
  3. The carved stump chair would go well with the glass-topped stump table, I have to admit. The rest? I'm not into bright, floral , cutesey stuff. I'll just Eeyore my way through this month...
  4. I've heard a rumor that Tatsu is going to be mutating into something entirely other in a little while, as little as a few months. I do not know what this change will entail, but I'm both curious and concerned. Has anyone heard anything regarding a " big change "??
  5. Whoever was responsible for altering the placement grid for furniture and wall material in the house from arbitrary spots to a full 4X4 choice, my sincerest thanks. Being able to put what I want where I want it is a very big step toward calling that collection of ones and zeroes a HOUSE , and not a box for a Tatsugotchi and some random junk. Now, when the avatar can have a decent wardrobe without looking like he or she just walked out of the Wal-Mart bargain bin, I will be very happy. One step after another...
  6. I'd like to put this out there, for consideration. Instead of just shutting the shop sections down that no longer have an event to support them, how about setting up a six month " Used Stuff Shop " , at reduced prices, for those of us who'd still like to buy material like the coffin bed, the spooky material, and so forth, but without the inflated Ebay-like prices that the sellers ask for? Just dumping that material seems a bit cruel, after people have tried to save up their tokens, only to have the material yanked? Just for consideration, you understand...
  7. Might as well delete this confab, people. The problem was solved long ago.
  8. Given the choices of material to work with, it's going to be difficult to find a truly creepy Tatsugotchi or a truly scary house or daycare. I hope the judges can work with what they have. Any place I can go to see the other contestants?
  9. Well, now that I'm IN THE LOUNGE( !!! ), I think that will get solved pretty quickly. I hope I don't bugger things up.
  10. The Phantom Feast has been rather a feast for me, I must say. I've gobbled up pretty much everything I could afford, and am now working on building a larger area for a graveyard, for my Tatsugotchi to romp in. I've taken one of my daycares, and turned it into a storage room for all the boring stuff, and am expanding the house for more room for the Hallowe'en furniture and wall decorations. Superb.
  11. I seem to be in servers without a taste for any Tatsugotchi fun. I go all over, and find nothing but empty houses for my Tatsugotchi to sit in, so there's no trick or treat to be had. Can anyone suggest a more Phantom Feast Friendly group of servers that I can explore before the event is over? Given that I have the name DOKTOR G'HUL, you may guess that I'm very into the spooky and creepy, so is there anywhere I can go play with Boris and find like minded Tatsugotchi owners??
  12. I seem to be stuck at episode 5. Is this related to the "stuck at episode 2 " bug that's been noted? Hmmm?
  13. I have to say that the added furniture and such are interesting, but I would, very much, like to see more unusual and interesting walls floors and furniture. I'm a great fan of science fiction and horror, and would be interested in seeing the possibility of building a mad scientist's lair, a room or full house that resembles the ADDAMS FAMILY home or even a generic haunted house, a starship bridge, or such. That's why I kept what small pieces of the Greench's home that I could ( his walls , floor, chair, and so forth ) because that's the closest you've ever come to offering the kind of home I would prefer to live in, not this generic Wal-Mart home. Please consider offering a goth home, a mad scientist's lair, a starship room, or a lair akin to the EC Crypt Keeper.
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