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  1. Suggestion: Addition of an option to toggle visibility of name tags of pets in house and daycares. Reason: Name tags can often clutter the view of house and daycares, especially in daycares where more than 1 pet are present. Toggling off their visibility will allow players to capture a clear photo of their design, should they wish to do so. Images: In this image, Fiction (Corgi) has its face covered by the name tag of Drama (Galaxy Nebelung). The same daycare with maximum number of pets. This is a rare shot in which name tags do not interfere with visibility. Usually, it looks like this, where only half the pets are acceptably visible. Username: tmn loveblue#9469
  2. Suggestion: New furniture items under a nature theme. - Eggplant Bed: Bed carved from a giant eggplant. - Nature's Bed: Wooden bed with dark brown bedding, decorated with sprouts, foliage and flowers. - Wooden Bunkbed: Made of thick, dark brown wood. Save space in a crammed treehouse. - Jack O' Lantern: carved pumpkin with inner lighting, possibly on a wooden shelf. - Vines Wooden Television: Small TV placed in a wooden case and framed by vines. - Vines Sofa: Brown-and-cream colored sofa (1x1 or 2x1 or both) with vines on the armrests. - Loom: Wooden furniture used to make silk. - Sunflower Pot: A tall sunflower housed in a pot. Do NOT create little suns for you. - Tree Trunk Aquarium: A living tree trunk that houses water, with fish and floating plants in it. - Living Wood Bookcase: Same design as Nature's Bed, but houses books instead of you. - Nature's Table: A 1x1 round wooden table that looks like it grew from the floor. - Living Wood Flooring: Furnishing that turns your house into a treehouse. Dark brown or brown in color. Free floor sections have small leaves sprouting up. - Living Wood Wallpaper: More of actual wall than wallpaper. Dark brown or brown in color. - Treehouse Window: Round window, +-shaped muntin, with or without curtains. Shows greenery outside. May or may not have vines. - Vines Wall: Brick/Wood wallpaper overrun with vines. - Vines Mesh Flooring: Flooring made out of interlaced vines and branches, forming a net, showing greenery below. - Giant Flower: Wall furniture consists of a large, deep purple/red flower and surrounding leaves. It changes shape when placed in corner slot. - Wall Fountain: Potentially animated wall furniture that has water flowing from a statue on your wall. - Treehouse Staircase Up: Circular staircase made entirely out of living wood, extending to ceiling (1x1). - Treehouse Staircase Down: A circular hole in the floor that shows a circular staircase below (1x1). Reason: It would allow a groundbreaking trend in home design. Images: None Username: tmn loveblue#9469
  3. SUGGESTION: Decreasing the quantity of credits that can be found on a single walk attempt, from 500 - 1500 down to perhaps 100 - 300 credits. Increasing the possibility of receiving credits on a single walk attempt to compensate for the lower prize, from 3.366% to 16.83%. All numbers are taken off the top of my head. REASON: Walking can be a very tedious activity. On occasions, one may choose to play Tatsu to pass the time, however playing t!tg walk in one sitting may result in no credits at all. This is very discouraging and anti-fun. My idea is reducing the prize but keeping it sufficient to instill a sense of significant win, whilst raising the chance to match. The total gain remains about the same, but people would win a lot more often, and feel more inclined to play. USERNAME: tmn loveblue#9469
  4. Suggestion: I would like to suggest the addition of Themes that change what you see outside your house. These Themes would be unique to each house, and require you to have the relevant house in inventory to purchase corresponding themes. Here are a few ideas I have: Snowy Themes: Add animated snowfall and snow on railings, window frames, etc. Rainy Themes: Add animated rainfall, with droplets tapping on windowpanes. May be divided into Light Rain, Heavy Rain and Downpour. Night Themes: Change the outside lighting to nighttime, and for houses that look over cityscape, nearby houses have their lights on. Beranda and Penthouse have animated nighttime cityscape (blinking lights). May crossover with the two above theme groups. Perfect Day Themes: Addition of warm sunlight rays filtering into your home, animated birds that chirp out musical notes, and generally greener greenery. Windy Themes: Animated theme that shows winds occasionally blowing leaves, newspapers, hats and paper airplanes outside your windows and patios. Famous Place Themes: Unique for Beranda and Penthouse, this theme group changes the outside view to resemble a famous place, such as New York, Paris, etc. with corresponding landmark visible. Alternatively, the player can move their Beranda/Penthouse to look over the countryside or seaside, should they wish. Certain theme groups could also affect furniture items, for example, Night Themes would cause the lighting furniture to turn on, Perfect Day Themes would make your house plants and treetsu more lively, and Windy Themes would animate certain furniture placed near windows and in outdoor areas, like plants, vines and treetsu. Reason: I believe it will attract people to save up for houses, and possibly sign up to be supporter to get more tokens to purchase their favorite Theme. Images: Sadly no image. Username: tmn loveblue#9469
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