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  1. I want to say that there is a command to do it more easily, but it has been so long since I poked at that stuff, which was also before the / thing, I am no longer sure of it. But you can block them by going to the dashboard: server- modules- rewards & economy- score & points. Then add the channels you don't want them to earn points in.
  2. There should not be a button shown if the action is not available yet due to cd and to have Tatsu 'stuck' on that command while waiting for the cd to expire would prevent other commands from being used. I can typically type fast than the cd, so I can't imagine how frustrated I would be if there was a useless button getting me yelled at or no button locking me into this option that I may not even want just then. Or if I could use the commands needing to scroll back up to find the button I also doubt they would implement it due to the increase ease for botters then.
  3. From the discord server's #🛠・team-blog : Project Update 7th March 2022 (tatsumeeko.com) (& obviously there's more before that one. Linked in tatsu.gg/home is Meekolony NFTs for Tatsumeeko - P2E Metaverse RPG on Solana (I don't recommend creating your Meeko on the creator that shows up on tatsu.gg until you have a better idea of what's going on. Right now they're not editable unless you bought the NFT and not sure if some things, like race, will be editable at all. Lots of pantsless Meekos in the house right now.) Unless you're talking about a different change? This is hardly just a rumor but is certainly big and curiosity inducing while being a bit concerning. If you've heard other rumors I won't object to reading them. ;)
  4. Like what? & in a sense, this is already there. Leveled roles & custom items. Hit 50k server score & I'll give you an accolade for your rank card. (just a bit of a pain keeping track of it.)
  5. FT takes 20 hours, but what if a prestige 1 TG took 19 hours? prestige 5 took 15 hours? If each prestige level lessened a FT by 1 hour, it would be a simple benefit that would max out with p9 getting to go on FT for 11 hours. It could be a small acknowledgement to those who bother to prestige, especially to the higher levels. It would also create a bit of strategy in order of prestige; do I focus on getting 1 to have the shortest FT possible or do I keep a group of them around the same FT time? (I'll admit sending different prestiged TG on a FT together will drive me crazy, but I still think it is worth it or I wouldn't make the suggestion.)
  6. Some ideas for field trips around other holidays, lasting a shorter period of time where appropriate, but more than 1 day since ft are 20 hours long. Valentine's Day - chocolate factory tour or flower picking Groundhog Day - chase groundhogs for a couple days St Patty's Day - chase/hunt rainbows or leprechauns Easter - hunt Easter eggs
  7. *score not points Score is for leveled roles. Points are money. As long as it is a setting option, on/off & how many are lost when, I agree this could be a nice feature. Would probably want to be able to have a role be "blocked" from it too though. I would hate for someone to lose a role just because they took a vacation & they told us about it.
  8. (My upvote is not for t!score to trigger rank card, but rather a line of text stating how much score one currently has.)
  9. I feel like t!rank is more comparable to t!wallet than t!points, but that there is not an equivalent of t!points for score. Creating t!score makes sense to me. The Server Score in your sample rank card is 183 score of the 200 that is needed to achieve the role +---Tier 2---. I think it makes a little more sense when you rename the score. On mine, I renamed it to Server XP, to clarify that it has nothing to do with the FG game nor the Global Tatsu XP. I don't have lvlroles, so it shows as all earned. (I also renamed Server Points to Server CELL$ since the premium currency in FG is cells. Points is even more confusing to me than score.)
  10. Besides the taking 20 hours thing, it is on the expensive side for someone who is just starting out (or has holes in their pockets), so I am not sure I would want to see it as a normal daily. It is a daily for the Phantom Feast though, and with a lowered cost. That is a nice compromise- an event daily.
  11. Please add this with an on/off option for the server. I definitely see how some servers would need it, but I also see how it would be disadvantageous to have it on others.
  12. I can't answer your question about the server subscription, but it looks like you are unbanned from Tatu's server.
  13. I like this, but I think I would rather see how many I have when I'm looking at the item. Then I can still see that I don't own it, but also see if I have as many as I need.
  14. Tradition seems to dictate that people make New Year Resolutions to become fit. Many join gyms/health clubs. Do our TG want to stay inside sometimes & still be fit? Accessory ideas: Head- headband (multiple colors, maybe even stripes are possible) Neck- headphones, yes this should theoretically be head, but I imagine placing them around the neck would work much better, especially given that TG ears aren't really compatible with headphones. (& maybe some of those musician TGs would like them too!) Ears- (I forget that is a slot) earbuds (not sure how they would look, haven't played with earrings much to see) Furniture ideas: 2 slot- stationary bike, treadmill, maybe weight bench? or weight set, yoga mat 1 slot- big fitness ball (solid color opposed to multicolor beach balls), dumbbell, water-coolor, towel rack, scale wall- towel shelf (double use- bathroom setup), motivational poster (black frame, white "words" at bottom)
  15. If it is added as another category of mail, okay, but if it is just the same as Inbox, no thank you. I trust the mail right now b/c I know it is from the Tatsu team. I don't want to have to come to the server every time they send a link & question its validity. It would require a way to block someone, especially if cross-server, though. It could potentially be a way to harass someone who otherwise has you blocked. Stalking is a disturbing issue.
  16. Thank you for the response. That is understandable, but with cosmetics you still have to do the menu twice to remove & equip. (& which reaction would be "thank you"?)
  17. Since there are some very firm positions on if someone wants to be pinged or not, it would be nice if there were optional reaction roles that we could select to let everyone know our preference.
  18. Currently the edit menus say Replace, but you can not actually switch items as the word implies. You need to remove then place the item. So to be more accurate, Replace should simply say Place. Overall, very minor, but could save some menu closing & reopenings.
  19. Currently, if we want to see our Non-Wallet Currencies on the dashboard, we need to do a search. It would be nice if they had their own tab, or maybe were added to Usables (not liking this option as much, but it is better than searching.) It would make seeing how many tradable credits you have available for trade much easier to see before beginning commands or negotiations, as well as AC and ... souvenir currencies. With the current items, it would be more useful than the Fishing tab.
  20. Since this would likely place a strain on Tatsu's servers, it could be a nice benefit for Server Premium or maybe even be the primary benefit of a third subscription level. It would be great to be able to make the bot visual match the theme of the server. To use an example that most people would be at least vaguely familiar with, here's the bot section of a Harry Potter mobile game server's member list. It looks like HouseCup is using that customization somehow. (I'm not even an active user there, but thought they would provide the best example.) EDIT: After browsing more threads here, it occurred to me that one of the best things about Tatsu is that the "premium" features are available in a limited way to basic users. That would make adding this feature more complicated: what is the basic equivalent? So maybe there could be a small handful of profile choices that relate to popular uses for the bot, such as a tg, lvl up image, fishing pole, currency and/or slots. (Not sure what image would be good for a server that primarily uses Tatsu for reaction/self roles though.) Like profile/rank/lvlup/wallet, the ability to further customize would be limited to server subscribers. I have no idea how feasible this would be, but it would be fantastic to see.
  21. I'm a bit burned out on time zones & differences & calculating them. I understand the time is UTC but that isn't actually stated anywhere and throughout the year the difference between that & my own zone changes. So I would appreciate it if the t!remind list results included a timer, which is how we set it in the first place, or if a new command was added that gave the current time that is being used. So from the screen shot, it could show: Or add any of the not-actual-commands in the ss & give a response along the lines of This would help in planning things, like should I stay up another 20 minutes to do X or go to sleep now. (I'm not sure if the time is used in any other features, so not sure which would be ultimately more beneficial.)
  22. Alternatively (& more complicated), could add another reward: Crate of the Month or Token Crate. The contents of the crate would vary each month or so, but for the time period of the beach items, it would essentially be one of those crates, just with a different name. Then in October it would change to either a yet to be known equivalent offering from the store or any of selection of token only items from the store. EDIT: After reading @Severina#6247's suggestion ( Adding an extra furniture reward for normal people which might be a supporter item from that or a previous month - Miscellaneous - Tatsu Labs ) I'll throw in that there could even be a very small chance of it being a past supporter item, as a sort of Legendary drop from crates.
  23. I will bump this suggestion with the request of a confetti throwable. (think I got the gif from someone in the supporters channel)
  24. I thought the Daily Voting Buff would be like the Supporter Bonus Tokens: I give the Daily, but get the Bonus Tokens. If the voting buff isn't going to be given to the voting giver then it should be clearly stated somewhere within commands, maybe the buff page or at bottom of daily.
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