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  1. I don't know how other people see this, but I was kinda shocked, when I saw the new cosmetic bags cost 600 tokens. Considering the amount of items, it's hard enough to get the ones you want. So why that additional price increase? Thus my suggestion to reduce the price to 450 tokens like the crates.
  2. Sorry, wasn't my intention to sound condescending or passive agressive. Though I was a bit irritated on how you emphasized, that it's entirely up to the math behind it. As if I'd implied something else. Guess we both read more into each others statements than intended? And what means "ovob"? And yes, I know programs shouldbe streamlined as much as possible. Nonetheless, there are different ways to reach the same result, affecting what has which influence. All I meant to express was, that certain things can't be explained with the item pool's size alone or even contradict it partly. My choice of words may could have been better though. Welp, enough of that. Yes. An official, complete source of info would be great. But the wiki is, just like the mentioned database, player made. Here the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RqOyBO8V9JTKCSLEUsGWNuXXLSdnF3BMpcrELbaCQg0 I know the news article states otherwise. But unfortunately they aren't always 100% accurate. Thus my assumption. Which must be wrong, considering the height of your drop. And yes, it should be credit-positive for everyone, not just for me. Although you could try out my tip and see if it helps. Sorry, but you misunderstood my "logic". I only intended to stay close to the status quo. You don't require tokens to get different colours now and my plan was to keep it that way. And yes, you can save up tokens. But I for my part already want to do that for the shop and events, not to mention the amount of items you may want to recolour plays a major role too. As for the price, it would entirely depend on the "paintbrush's" drop rate. Or you get one after a certain amount of walks. There are many possible options to make them affordable. Regarding your concerns about the exclusivity of certain items: What's the difference between excluding them from being painted and making recoloured items untradeable? Not to mention, there's a major flaw in your argumentation. Because, why would someone wanna buy a special item for a lot of credits, if you can just make it yourself out of a cheap one? And what would those say, who spent real money or treasured their scarce item? Whether you can only create or also trade them, if the amount of such items raises, their worth drops. Scrap the parts about a rarity threshold and coloured items switching from walk-only to a "paintbrush" colour option. Excluding certain old items to preserve their worth should suffice. You know, the more I think about it, the more I get the feeling both of us see the advantages of being able to change colours in general, just that we have different ideas on how to achieve it. Including our worries the "paintbrush" could be too expensive/hard to find, although it's only a question of making the right adjustments. Thx for the explanation. To me it sounds, as if the eye of the creator is the more deciding factor for the time it takes to create items for Tatsu? Like, are they better with finding the fitting colours or the right variations of light and shade?
  3. Seems you misunderstood me in some points. Or did I express myself inadequately? Of course it's math based. Never claimed something else. I just think the calculations are more complicated than you believe. Or just inconsistent? And the higher value of rarer items can't be explained with their aesthetics (Subjective) alone. A lot of them being found in lower numbers also plays a role. Regarding the item catalogue, did you see JokiBlue's database? Pinned in #trading-chat. As for our speculations: I like to figure things out too, you know? But we seem to have reached a dead end, unless you have more info to add? Hm, I never found over 600 credits so far, thus I thought it's not "x1.5", but rather "up to x1.5". That's exactly what I meant with "an overall credit positive activity". That you make a netto gain over a long period of time. And for me it works. Uhm, didn't you say previously you'd exchange the different colour variations for the "paintbrush"? But wouldn't selling them for tokens hamper the accessibility for normal users a lot then? And afterwards, they wouldn't even be able to sell their recoloured items for credits? How is that better than dropping the "paintbrush" on walks and being able to trade the recoloured items? You could even make the "paintbrush" tradeable too! -> All would have equal chances to get the basic items, as well as the "paintbrush" required to change their colour. Sure, individual colours would lose their worth, since you can simply change them, but instead you'd get a usable walk-only item, which will always have a worth. And as said: If you exempt certain items (maybe above a certain rarity?), they'd still remain special and hard to get. The same could apply to old items, to prevent their devaluation. -> The enormous item pool would cease to exist and only special items would retain individual, unchangeable colours. Well, concentrating all important details into a small object can be pretty difficult. Maybe more so than into a bigger one. Just take the Red Rose: If the only criterium is the recognisability, would you find it easier to draw a normal-sized one, or one that consist only out of a few pixels?
  4. As said, I think it's a lot more complicated than just the amount of items in the pool. Because despite certain problems with the rarity, the majority of rare items is still more valuable than common ones. The point is, we don't know how it works and I have no idea how reliable the wiki is. Thus I see no point in further speculations. And yes, you can't trade up VR cosmetics. As for the walks, I understand "a credit positive activity" as "an overall credit positive activity", which means not every full fatigue walk results in a gain. Speculations aside, I for my part (voting bonus included) gain credits on about 90-95% of all my walks. Ranging from small losses up to 6.4k credits in a single full fatigue walk. To put it simply, RNG's in games are usually not perfect, resulting in periods of different luck. Thus I stop and continue walking later, if it drops too bad at the beginning. The "paintbrush" is an interesting idea. But to maintain the status quo, I'd not sell it for tokens and instead let it drop on walks. And keep painted items tradeable. You could also exclude certain items from being paintable, resulting in them being rarer and only available via walks or buying them from lucky finders. Additionally, you could add new colour versions for a limited time to the "drop pool" and put them afterwards in the "paint pool". To be honest, I have no idea how long the code work takes, but I also thought of the required time to come up with new furniture and not just making them.
  5. Hm, yeah. The drop pool size probably plays a role. Though which exactly depends on the drop mechanism. Because that alone can't explain, why the Golden Unicorn Horn is my most dropped item And the Towel is also somewhat strange, because it's a lot rarer compared to other common items. (Just compare the amount of search results of certain items) As for cosmetics, they are less of a problem in my opinion, because you can at least trade them up (or sell them to those who do). And I disagree about the costs, because walking is a credit positive activity since one of the last updates. Though your idea to first roll for the item and afterwards for it's colour sounds good. Would be a possible solution. ButI'm not against recolours in general. They can be very nice to realise that one design you want for a room. Not to mention, creating completely new furniture is a lot more difficult and time-consuming.
  6. The walks are rather confusing anyway, when talking about the values of items. Like how a common Towel is worth way more than a very rare Golden Unicorn Horn. And why? Just because the common item drops way rarer than the very rare one. So either the description, or more likely the drop rates, aren't correct either.
  7. I hope it's being worked on, but I assume it was moved due to being in the wrong subforum.
  8. Maybe the creatures you called are messing with you, David^^
  9. I know I'm not the only one, who finds it annoying, how some people are unable to delete their old ads. And I guess the moderators also have better things to do, than to remind them over and over again. So I searched for a solution and found this. I don't know how easy it would be to integrate it in a bot, but I thought it's worth a suggestion. https://www.reddit.com/r/discordapp/comments/dgke22/limit_one_message_per_user_in_a_channel/ Though the permission part may has to be complemented with a counter or the like? Either way, they have to be re-enabled after deleting the old ad. Alternatively, maybe it would be possible to let a bot delete all additional ads, until the old one was removed?
  10. My vote you have, that much is sure
  11. I though it was gonna be a Husky? Nontheless, it's very cute :)
  12. McWompy, you may wanna wait with your final decision. I have a feeling an even better suggestion could come^^ PS: Yay, first up vote.
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