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  1. Hello, I was thinking of proposing a solution to make the prestige of farts other than cosmetic. It would be, I think, interesting to offer bonuses for each prestige level: Prestige 1 : +5% item droprate on walks & trips. Prestige 2 : +10% item droprate on walks & trips. [...] Prestige 9 : +45% item droprate on walks & trips. (or other bonuses) And also add a cosmetic to place around the neck with the equivalent star at the prestige level (like the Legacy wall furnitures) Thanks for read.
  2. Hi, Reporting a problem sorting item on tatsu.gg (inventory section). When you sort to display only one category of items (e.g. Furniture 1x1 on Housing), no problem. But, after clicking on the "Next >" button to display the next page, the sorting no longer works and displays all the items. See screen below : Here, i select to display only "1x1 Furniture" (in Housing) : After i click on "Next" button for display next page, sort didn't work anymore : Cheers,
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