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  1. T.T its still a nice theme though lets pray
  2. I would really like a combination of all of the above for different themes Why Black & White Marble Flooring-There are no black flooring which makes black themes really difficult. The only one I saw was black triangle flooring which seems limited. White floorings there are also none with the marble look that makes the house look extra classy. Thus I would like to suggest these two floorings. Television with black/white cabinets Why Sometimes wood colour just do not go with the theme but all tvs available come with wood cabinets leaving us no options. Outdoor Theatre Why This can fit all outdoor skywall paper adding romance and character to the room
  3. Please please please allow full flooring cover because the wood sticks out bad Same for Room 1 & 2's wall... Currently room 2's wall is non existent even on the glass and you cant change the wall theme at all...T.T
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