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  1. *Suggestion: The message of the level up card should be similar to a profile card, saying something like > **Level up • [**:e:Elspeth#1317 **]** in the content of the message *Reason: 1. It would make level up messages per user searchable again 2. It would help to see who leveled up from notifications as these currently just say "levelup.png" 3. In case of active chat in compact mode it's potentially confusing to see who leveled up making one having to check multiple profiles to find out who leveled up
  2. Talking with @MorLilly#5770 today brought up the topic of pets being quite useless if they have bad stats and then will just be sent to dc to do field trips. For this matter MorLilly suggested to have a reroll option for the stats and traits for a few tokens and I suggested that stats could increase when a pet prestiges. The stats should not increase the same for every pet after a prestige because then it would boil down to bad pets being disregarded again. Instead there should be an upper limit of stats at prestige 9 and every pet will reach that limit regardless of base stats. (So worse pets would get more stats on a prestige than better pets)
  3. This is a discord feature (server settings > members > display role) and not feasable for a bot with the ratelimit discord applies und time consumption of getting all members
  4. Upvote for original post and the select all
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