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  1. Buying: Token-Only Items: Small Abstract Dark Stones | 29K Small Abstract Black Stones | 29K Phantom Feast Sky | 30K Phantom Feast Tiles | 29K Phantom Feast Wooden Boards | 29K Darkwood Flooring | 29K Cat Tombstone | 20K Bird Tombstone | 20K Demonic Horns | 35K Demonic Eyes | 33K Ghost Buddy | 34K Spiderweb Bandana | 32K Up to 6 of each flooring and wallpaper. One of each for tombstones and cosmetics. Negotiable prices, but not by tons. If I run out of tradable credits I'll convert some ASAP. Prices are negotiable, but don't expect much, since these prices already will make me bankrupt. Trading My Store Stock (Link) for your [CO]/[UN]/[RA]/[VR]/[EP] Pets. Store items can be traded with pets. Value of each pet rarity are listed in the selling ad. Bulk discounts can be negotiated. My Selling thread.
  2. Bulk purchases are eligible for negotiable discounts, ranging 1K~10K+ on average and in increments of 10K for bundle items. Furniture: [UN][2x1] Green Couch | 15K [Walk Only] [CO][1x1] Blue Wooden Chair | 15K [Walk Only] [CO][1x1] Green Wooden Chair | 15K [Walk Only] [CO][1x1] Pink Wooden Chair | 15K [Walk Only] [CO][W] White Casual Wall Shelf | 15K [Walk Only] [RA][2x1] Yellow Wood Armed Couch | 6K (300PF) [RA][2x1] Grey Wood Armed Couch | 6K (300PF) [UN][2x1] Beige Couch | 4K (200PF) [UN][1x1] Small Green Table | 3K (150PF) [UN][1x1] Small Cyan Table | 3K (150PF) [CO][2x1] Blue Television | 5K (250PF) [CO][2x1] Brown Loveseat | 4K (200PF) [CO][2x1] Blue Loveseat | 4K (2000PF) [CO][1x1] Light Wood Table | 3K (150PF), Stock: 2 [CO][1x1] Dark Wood Table | 3K (150PF) [CO][2x1] Brown Coffee Table | 3K (150PF), Stock: 4 [CO][1x1] Brown Wood Armed Couch | 3K (150PF) [CO][1x1] Grey Dark Wood Padded Chair | 2K (100PF) [CO][1x1] Square Wood Table | 2K (100PF) [CO][W] Wall Clock | 2K (100PF) Walk Only Head Cosmetics: [VR] Gold Unicorn Horn | 40K, Stock: 8 [UN] Golden Halo | 30K, Stock: 3 [UN] Turquoise Sleeping Cap | 20K [UN] Brown Feather Hat | 20K, Stock: 2 [CO] Purple Party Hat | 5K (250PF) [CO] Purple Party Headband | 3K (150PF) Walk Only Eye Cosmetics: [RA] Round Teashade Glasses | 35K [RA] Brown Round Monocle | 20K [UN] 3D Glasses | 10K, Stock: 2 [CO] Gold Starry Eyes | 10K (500PF), Stock: 6 Walk Only Neck Cosmetics: [RA] Yellow Sheriff Star | 10K [UN] Black Pirate Eyepatch | 20K [UN] Yellow Flower Necklace | 10K, Stock: 2 [UN] Pink Carnival Mask | 5K [UN] Yellow Bone Collar Tag | 4K [CO] Black Bandana | 5K [CO] Green Bandana | 5K [CO] Green LED Collar | 5K, Stock: 2 [CO] Blue Necktie | 5K, Stock: 2 [CO] Grey Collar Tag | 4K, Stock: 3 Acceptable "currencies": Pet Food: 50 PF = 1K [CO] Pet: 1K [UN] Pet: 2K [RA] Pet: 3K [VR] Pet: 15K [EP] Pet: 30K My Buying thread.
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