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  1. TOPIC TITLE: [relevant command]: [Key terms relating to your suggestion] /slap: trout slap, funny command *Suggestion: Description of your suggestion, include the relevant command if applicable Tatsu should have a "/slap" command that would provide funny ways to slap somebody: e.g. /slap @Tatsu @fae slaps @Tatsu with a big, juicy watermelon @fae slaps @Tatsu with a spoonful of crappy medicine @fae slaps @Tatsu with a Covid-19 vaccine @fae slaps @Tatsu with a stinky sock The command would alert the mentioned user, just like any @mention. *Reason: Why should this suggestion be implemented? This command originates from early days of text-based chatting systems such as mIRC. It was a funny way to "buzz" somebody. Images: Any supporting images or videos Trout Slap - Wiktionary *Username: Your username fae#8168
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