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About Me

so happy you decided to glance now about me, now here's something about me~


hi! i'm kocgum, in case my name wasn't obvious! i'm an avid gamer and i spend most of my time with my steam account!

i am also;

  • a furry
  • a gamer (obviously)
  • a non binary! <3 
  • using they/he pronouns
  • very affectionate and loving to chat around
  • and usually friendly (when i'm not annoyed, that is <3)

i am 17, as my birthday shows, that means my steam account is 2 years younger than me, crazy, huh?

so considering i am a furry, i do have a fursona, and here's to know more of them!


his name is ajax, and ajax's a cerberus hellhound ninetail, a three headed, nine tailed dog that absolutely loves to cuddle <3

ajax is an avid chad and is 285 centimeters tall! (9 feet 4 inches for the american folks, unlike myself, as i am european)

as much as he might seem threatening, trust me, he's the biggest sweetheart you'll ever meet, especially with that fluff of his! <3


ajax absolutely loves cars, working with them, working on them, and even driving 'em around whenever's the chance! related to myself as i'm a car mechanic irl, or at least in school to be one!

and yes, each three heads do have a personality;

the right head (one with glasses) is the nerdy head!
that head is completely shy and doesn't really like to speak, not in public that is, but he does have those cute glasses!

the middle head (the middle one) is the main, affectionate head!
unlike the rest of the heads, that one speaks the most and is the most prone to wish you a good day, if you're being nice to him, that is


the left head (left one) is the angry and really dangerous head!
he's the most prone to bite your hand off if you're not being careful, doesn't speak that much (like the right head) but loves to stare at you and do absolutely nothing


and that's all from me, so happy to be apart of this community, and so happy to be meeting you! <3

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