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  1. Hello, So I'm trying to use the same floor for my house and I thought that if I'm using the same floor then I wouldn't be able to see the outlines, but apparently I was wrong. This is request is a bit too nitpicky, but it would look better if the same or same base design of floors can merge perfectly and we can't see the outlines.
  2. Hello there, so I was looking for a nature themed wallpaper but the only thing that I found was the green jungle leaves or something like that I don't remember the name, and I realized that there aren't many nature themed for housing and I would love if some of them would be added in the future updates. Here are some of my ideas Wallpaper: -Jungle -Forest -Bamboo forest -Flower forest -Meadow -Big and small broken abstract stones or just stone walls with roots inside the hole with moss spread all over the walls -Natural stone walls, and no, it's not the same as the big/small broken abstract stone. The stones in there are rectangles, this one is more random shaped Flooring: -Pond with grass. Similar to green leaf flooring but change the dirt with water and add some aquatic plants -Broken tiles with grass and moss on them -Cracked or non-cracked pavements with grass and moss Furniture: -Unpotted plants -Mushrooms, potted and unpotted -Big rocks, with and without moss -Cluster of small rocks (3-5) -More trees, don't care the type -Small water falls I know this may sound a lot (which really is) and I don't expect for all of them to be in tatsu, but please consider add at least less than half of them because tatsu really need more variety with the nature themed because there are already so many of indoor themed for housing and I think the community would appreciate more nature themed to be added to tatsu. So please consider to add them. -Have a nice day and drink more water, it's good for you:)
  3. Great idea, but why only based it from one specific breed? Why don't add like all of them?
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