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  1. I'm trying to clear my inventory a bit. If anything that you want, just ping me at Tatsu's Lounge or directly send trade. The number inside ( x ) is the item quantity that I sell. For furniture, if there multi color, I categorized it under same type item. But SOME categorized item would have its own price. Housing Wallpaper Wall Furniture 2x1 Furniture 1x1 Furniture Special Sale!
  2. Suggestion: Prestige level of pet contribute to prestige level of user. Wishing that user get Prestige level and unlock certain perk which benefit in training, walking, daycare slot etc. The pet prestige level will give the user the prestige level by doing prestige quest such as: Level 1 : have 1 pet prestige to level 1 Level 2 : have 2 pet prestige to level 2 ..... and so on. But it depends on dev in my opinion what is the mission for the prestige quest. Prestige plate will be given free (only once per user) and also unlock in the shop to be buy by the user if they want to buy more depending on highest pet prestige. Reason: Current reward for prestige is only a prestige plate and its the same reward even when you got 2nd pet prestige to level 1. Doesn't feel like user would train other pet just for the same prestige plate.
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