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  1. Use my ID to send trade: 402952980158218251
  2. Use my ID to send trade: 402952980158218251
  3. TRADIN' • Trading Beige Modeco Marble Flooring for your White Modeco Marble Flooring. • Trading Gold Black Modeco for your Teal Black Modeco. • Trading Alaskan Malamute for Akita Inu or Singapura or Turkish Van. • Trading Mexican Hat for your Straw Beach Hat or Red Rose or Golden Halo. • Trading my EPIC SWAN or TURACO for another EPIC (except Pug/Turkey/Macaw/Dalmatian/Xolo/Doberman). BUYIN' • Buying EPIC Pets for 35K. • Buying VERY RARE Pets for 10K. • Buying RARE Pets for 3K. • Buying UNCOMMON/COMMON Pets for 1K. • Buying Blue Triangle Pattern Flooring. **Send trade directly or DM me if you got any questions.**
  4. SELLIN' • COSMETICS • — HEAD — Purple Party Hat —> 2K/100PF Purple Party Headband —> 8K Turquoise Sleeping Cap —> 25K Blue Gamer Monocle —> 50K Cowboy Hat —> 50K Red Ribbon —> 50K Gold Unicorn Horn —> 70K Mexican Hat —> 70K Purple Wizard Hard —> 70K Silver Tiara —> 70K — EYES — Black Scifi Visor —> 2K/100PF Blue Cyborg Visor —> 2K/100PF Red Cyborg Visor —> 2K/100PF Green Googles —> 5K Gold Starry Eyes —> 5K Round Purple Sunglasses —> 50K Red Heart Glasses —> 70K Round Rainbow Sunglasses —> 100K — NECK — Blue Necktie —> 5K Purple Scarf —> 8K Black Bandana —> 15K Green Bandana —> 15K Gold Military Medal —> 20K Blue Bow —> 45K Red Bowtie —> 50K Cloudy Pet Nametag —> 150K • FURNITURE • Big Dresser —> 2K/100PF Blue Metal Folding Chair —> 2K/100PF Light Wooden Table —> 2K/100PF Maple Cabinet —> 2K/100PF Red Potted Fern —> 2K/100PF Small Bookshelf —> 2K/100PF White Dark Wood Padded Chair —> 2K/100PF Wood Table —> 2K/100PF White Lamp —> 4K Brown Loveseat —> 5K Grey Coffee Table —> 5K Abstract Blue Squares —> 10K Pink Bunny Stack —> 10K TPear PC/Computer —> 13K Mini Treetsu —> 25K Crate —> 100K Framed Picture —> 100K Stool —> 100K • SPACESHIP FURNITURE • Rocket Mirror —> 35K Spaceship Chair —> 35K Spaceship Couch —> 35K Spaceship Table —> 35K Globe Lamp —> 40K Satellite Bookshelf —> 40K Saturn Lamp —> 40K Poke Stool —> 80K • MODECO FURNITURE • 45K EACH Beige Modeco Marble Flooring Black Modeco Cabinet Black Modeco Coffee Table Black Modeco Mirror Black & Blue Modeco End Table Gold Black Modeco Teal Black Modeco White Modeco Armchair White Modeco Armchair w/ Pillow White Modeco Couch White Modeco Lampshade White Modeco Marble Flooring • EPIC PETS • Pug Black —> 70K Swan —> 70K Japanese Bobtail —> 90K • BUNDLES • Jester Set —> 75K Wizard Set —> 150K Modeco Furniture Bundle —> 400K Supporter Furniture Bundle —> 400K **Also selling 500 Pet Food for 9K. You send all the trades.** **Send trade directly. Non-negotiable prices.**
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