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  1. I think this sounds super cool. Great minds think alike!
  2. TOPIC TITLE: t!vote: Adding an extra furniture reward for everyone (not just supporters) which was a supporter iteam of the current or some previous month *Suggestion: It would be very very cool if it would be possible to get a supporter item furniture piece through votes (t!vote) every month on top of the monthly furniture piece I completely understand that they're meant for supporters and get if you don't want to do this, but supporters get such good looking furniture and a lot of us can't really afford to spend money on bots I was wondering if every month, besides the monthly furniture of that month for 72 votes, it would be possible to also earn a supporter item, picked by the devs ofc, for something like 100 votes in a month *Reason: It'd firstly get more votes for the bot (hopefully), but it also gives the opportunity to normal people who can't afford to support tatsu to get a furniture from the supporters collection. I'm not asking to make everything available for us lol but one supporter furniture item a month, similar to how the current monthly items work but for something harder like a 100 votes (Also not asking to remove the current 72 votes per month furniture thing! I'm imagining this supporter one be a bit more exclusive since it'd be harder to get 100 votes a month) Images: - *Username: Severina#6247
  3. TOPIC TITLE: Housing loans to opt into for buying new houses for tatsugotchi Note: This is a bit long and you might have to scroll from left to right if reading on desktop (based on the preview at least), sorry! Suggestion: I think it would be a cool idea if we could take loans of certain amounts (such as housing loans) to buy bigger houses for our tatsugotchis and pay them off in the specified amount of time. There could be either preset loans of fixed amounts (like 100,000 credits, 500,000 credits, 1,000,000 credits etc) with fixed rates and stuff or there could be loans for customizable amounts of either the same fixed rate as the fixed loans or potentially something a bit higher to make customizable loans a bit more valuable. It could perhaps auto-credit from our wallets in whatever time was specified (every week or every month or whatever) and we get a mail that this much money has been taken to pay off our loan, check t!loan debt or some command to see how much is left to pay. This might be abusable for people trying to hoard credits and not pay them off so there could perhaps be some clause like "you have to have x amount of credit already in your wallet to take a loan" and our wallets could potentially go into negative figures if we don't have the money to keep giving for the loan. This doesn't have to be limited to just housing and it can just be loans in general but I think it's a really cool concept which might even help people learn how loans work (even though that's not your responsibility or what the goal of this is). Reason: It would enable people to buy more expensive products such as housing for our pets with the help of a loan and pay it off over a period of time. You currently have to save up for really long periods of time to be able to afford them but if you're able to consistently earn a good amount of credits, a loan would be really fun and helpful. Images: - Username: Severina#6247
  4. Yes, I do understand it takes time. I never said "every month", I asked for some every few months. As I said previously, I personally cannot contribute since I'm no artist, although I hope some ideas I mentioned above could be passed on to them (or even some ways to make it more exclusive). Glad to know there's more backgrounds in the works, looking forward to seeing them one day. Thanks for all the work you guys put in!
  5. Suggestion: I think it would be cool to keep adding more background options for us to purchase for our wallets, profiles, rank cards and other such things. I'm no artist myself so I wouldn't personally be able to help out. I think possibly seasonal backgrounds (like Christmas themed, summer themed, spring themed, easter themed and such other themes based on other occasions/festivals) would be really cool. Maybe they could also be purchased only during a particular time as well to make them exclusive. Besides that, other colour based ones such as the fluid arts ones but in different colours would be really nice as well Mainly just asking for a few new options every few months ish for us to be able to pick from and purchase permanently Reason: I feel like there aren't many background options we have to purchase from which are satisfying (and majority of them are anime based). I think more options would lead to people being more willing to buy them if they like them since they already cost quite a bit compared to the amount of credit we earn in a day Images: None Username: Severina#6247
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