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  1. Hi. I know many people have been concerned about their fishing stats being reset because of tatsumeeko. While we can all acknowledge that the new fishing will be better, many people still enjoy the old way. I had an idea to preserve this though arcade games. A hard to craft arcade games machine will give the players aspects to these “games” which are really just old aspects of tatsu. Other than keeping current fishing (and the plays stats plzzz) you could have other arcade games like for example. One that lets the players play some version of the v1 version of tatsu. Maybe during an winter event there can be one that lets you do the original greench encounters whenever you want. These things probably shouldnt give rewards like they do currently but maybe having them could give some sort of light in game buff like if you keep your v1 pet alive you get some perk. These items wouldn’t be very important. Just a way for those who want to to still have access to current aspects of the game (or past ones) while enjoying the great improvement to come.
  2. I like this shirt but I’d love it in blue to purple. Or a regular sized shirt with the same colors. I like the gradient and would love it in blue to purple idk. Just throwing it out there
  3. Omg yes plzzzz david. Purple with blue or anything i just want
  4. Found cute cat i think could be emote idk might as well share
  5. Furniture Bundle recolor of Modeco in Royal purple with either blurple, a lighter shade of purple, or even gold accents. 4 bundles in total, each bundle being accompanied by a wall and floor and 3 recolored modeco furniture - example Month 1.) modeco couch, chair, and a dinning table with various foods. Furniture just being a recolor of original modeco items re-done in royal purple with whichever selected accent(s), the walls just being royal purple, while the flooring could be a recolor of the homemade festive rug, base of black with a royal purple rug accompanied with chosen trim color. That way if users got each bundle, they'd have enough to decorate an entire beranda or 2x2 daycare with their new bundles and (hopefully) wouldn't take too long and you only really need to recolor 3 things each month
  6. Btw i found some references to what could be color options for a special one
  7. Ok at first i was joking but the more i think about it the more i would love to have a platypus in the game. It is a different type of pet so it could be good for an event or supporter item. Ik there could be problems with the cosmetics but tbh i would be fine and so were some others when i asked, having some cosmetics not be allowed. It could be cool to have the normal color and or a special color like a purple one with an orange beak idk. Could be interesting. Here’s some reference images to how it may sit or stand. Ik this idea sounds completely absurd but i think it would be great.
  8. U might’ve seen my post below. I made an example image of one of the ideas tho idk how it would look scaled down. It may just have to be 1 David
  9. I think it would be really cool to have David (the emotes in tatsu server) be an item in the game. Weather its like a chair, a painting with him on it (or David family portrait), a table with a mini David on it. It really like the character and think it would be a fun addition that i would for sure buy.
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