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Toshop's Room Decor and Pet Cosmetics


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Room Decor and Pet Cosmetics


Furnitures (Arranged by Category)

Wall Furniture
Red Clock             3,000
Black Clock             4,000

1X1 Furniture
Blue Wood Chair (2)     3,000 each
Red Potted Fern (2)       3,000 each
Metal Folding Chair    1,000
Normal Cabinet         1,000

2x1 Furniture
Coffee Table           3,000
Brown Coffee Table     2,000
Light Wooden Table     1,000


Gold Military Medal    7,000

Accepting pet food as payment (100 pet food limit per trade = 2,000 credits)
Also accepting seagulls as payment because seagull makes me happy :) (1 seagull = 1,500 credits)


DM, ping or send trade, thank you!
Hope you have a great day today!

Note: Very inactive, checking trades every 1-2 hours!





Discord: Toshi#8286

Servers I'm in:  Tatsu's Lounge, Fun and Gun





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