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[t!house] Lampshade placement misaligned when placed.


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well, this is a zero priority suggestion and
in fact I'm not sure it would be fixable anytime soon
but wanted to share something hardly noticeable which
becomes more noticeable In Pent's room 4, furni placement 2 (a.k.a. 3-C)

this slot seems to be in the center of the isometric view.
but furniture placed there, is not strictly centered once it's placed.
This might not be the case for all the 1x1 furniture but it's easily
noticeable on slim symmetric furnis as Lampshade or Quaint Tatsu Lamp.

Once placed in the spot, since the pixel art grid and the furni's wideness
don't match the symmetry needed to put the lamps in the center,
the lamp seems misaligned a couple pixels to the left.

A "simple" relocation in the grid a couple steps to the right
should be enough to solve this, but back to the Pixel art grid thingy
I guess it wouldn't be that "simple" as relocating it.
So, maybe making it wider¿? idk, would depend on how the system works.

Well, actually this is more of a cosmetic issue, it's simply aesthetic and doesn't 
affect gameplay or any other feature, so the only reason I find for this to be
fixed or worked out in whatever manner, is to comply with my OCD.


Current placement vs Relocation to Room's isometric center




That's all, thanks.

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