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[L] Alaskan Malamute – 800k

[E] Galaxy Purple Nebelung – 135k

[E] Ocean Blue Nebelung x3 – 120k

[E] Bombay – 90k

[E] Black Corgi x2 – 90k

[E] Snowshoe x2 - 85k

[E] Dalmatian x2 – 70k

[E] Doberman x2 – 70k

[E] Sphynx x2 – 70k

[E] Japanese Bobtail x2 – 70k

[E] Corgi - 60k

[E] Swan – 60k

[E] Turkey x2- 55k

[VR] Pastel Pink Norwegian Forest Cat x3 – 50k

[VR] Pastel Yellow Cockatoo – 40k

[VR] Pastel Pink Cockatoo - 40k

[VR] Pastel Green Dogo Argentino – 35k

[VR] Pastel Blue Mountain Bird x2 – 35k

[VR] British Shorthair x2 – 35k

[VR] Pink Tailed Blue Chow Chow – 35k

[VR] Firgreen Cayuga Duck – 35k

[VR] Racket Tailed Roller x2 – 35k

[VR] Pastel Green Parakeet - 35k

[R] Blue Canary x5 – 12k

[R] White Lohmann Chicken x6 – 12k

[R] Pekin Duck – 10k

[R] Rottweiler x3 – 8k

[R] German Shepherd x6 – 8k

[R] Earl Grey Dalmatian x8 – 8k

[R] Orange Creamsicle Canary x6 – 8k

[R] Saint Bernard x3 - 7k

[R] Blue Russian x2 - 7k

[R] Peach Lovebird x4 - 7k

[R] Maine Coon – 7k

[R] Yin Yang Border Collie – 7k

[R] Samoyed – 7k

[R] Cocktail Parrot – 7k

[R] Pilgrim Hawk – 7k

[C] Bengal – 3k

[UC] Blue Parakeet – 3k  



July Supporter Piano – 100k

June Supporter Giant Bunny Plushie – 90k

June Supporter Wooden Chest – 35k

July Supporter Badge Bundle – 35k

Towel (Walk Only) – 50k

Leprechaun Hat - 45k


If you are interested in any of these items, you can send me a trade directly or DM me directly at (t0yyz #6419) for possible negotiations.

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